PartPic Was The One To BeatAt 36/86 , And No One Did It

Partpic Wins 36|86

When I saw Jewel Burks in Nashville last week she stopped me dead in my tracks and said “Kyle, I just wanted to thank you for your vote of confidence at One Spark two years ago”. We chatted for a few minutes about that day two years ago as one of 3 OneSpark Tech Jurors, my vote went to PartPic. When it came down to the wire in Jacksonville that year, Burks and her partner had already begun to dismantle their booth and head back to Atlanta so my fellow tech jurors wanted to go with our second choice. I ralleyed the two other jurors; Angel Investor Joy Randels and Serial Entrepreneur Tom Rossi and we went on a hunt to find Burks. Luckily we did, and they took home the 2014 Tech Jury prize at OneSpark. That win started it all.

Burks was thankful for that win she said it gave them the confidence to win the following SXSW accelerator, TechCrunch Disrupt, and a $100,000 award from Steve Case of Revolution.

PartPic catalogs those hard to catalog and hard to distinguish parts. It then matches them using picture matching technology so that you can get that toilet part, sink part or rare nail. Once you match a couple photos you know exactly what that part is and it can be found via one of PartPics partners. Burks and her Jason Craim founded PartPic in Atlanta.

Burks was equally excited about what we were doing in Alabama at The Round House as she has family near here and family at Auburn University. She also knows the value of 1gb internet.

Partpic successfully beat out the rest of the startups in Village 36 and took home a $36,000 non equity prize as part of the 36|86 Conference, part of the break up of conferences between Launch Tennessee and Pando Daily. Pando’s startup conference, Pandoland kicks off this week at the exact same location as 36|86. Pando has a $100,000 startup conference slated for this week’s festivities.

Check out one of Burks’ earliest pitch interviews:


  • I am proud to say that I became a member of Advisory Board for Partpic after seeing them in Jacksonville and in addition to winning numerous awards, and raising their initial round of capital they are building an impressive customer list and a great company.