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TechColumbus Rebrands As Rev1 Ventures

Rev1Logo TechColumbus Rebrands As Rev1 VenturesTo date TechColumbus has been a successful hybrid in the startup space. Part public/private partnership, part accelerator, part VC fund, TechColumbus has one main concern and that is to see the successful growth of tech companies in Ohio’s capital city.

Columbus has always had a good resource flow for small business and over the past few years that has turned to the high growth technology and startup space. TechColumbus has always been at the seed of  startup weekends, startup weeks and other events that highlighted both technology and the cities vast entrepreneurial community. TechColumbus has had to keep up with counterparts in Cleveland Ohio and of course Cincinnati.

With all that in mind, TechColumbus has always looked at themselves with a startup approach as well, and as such this week they announced a relaunch and a new name to see the mission to the next level.

“Our new name signals our dedication to helping entrepreneurs master their firsts — from validating their first product to securing their first capital, landing their first customer, and everything in between,” said Tom Walker, president and CEO of Rev1. “Backed by an impressive team of the industry’s best and brightest minds, Rev1 is steadfast in our goal to making Columbus one of the most successful startup communities in the country.”

Rev1 has accelerated its investments in the past year and is on track for a 40 percent increase in 2015, bringing Columbus one-step closer to becoming one of the most active seed regions in the U.S.

The Rev1 Approach
Rev1 combines critical services and capital to help entrepreneurs solve their hardest milestones.

“As a Columbus-based company, we were so thrilled that Rev1 stepped up to bring hometown support into our Series A funding, helping us successfully raise critical capital in our early stages,” said Tanisha Robinson, co-founder & CEO of Print Syndicate, an apparel and home goods e-commerce company. “Rev1 has phenomenal resources in place to assist entrepreneurs every step of the way. Their vision and support is paramount for helping companies like ours thrive.”

A recent Rev1 survey of entrepreneurs shows product development is one of the biggest hurdles for startups — more than one-third did not successfully sell the first version of their product in the marketplace.

Rev1 combines the company’s decades of institutional knowledge, access to capital and a network of experienced advisors to help startups prove the market for their products to ensure they are building sustainable businesses.

The Rev1 Connections
Rev1 takes its process one step further by connecting entrepreneurs directly to regional business leaders through its First Connect network. Through the program, startups have access to more than 100 vetted partners who serve as the company’s first advisors, experts, and customers, and also provide support with recruiting efforts.

“Each area of the country offers different opportunities, challenges and resources to propel innovation in its own backyard — Rev1 is connecting the regions assets so that entrepreneurs optimize regional connections from the start,” added Walker.

The Rev1 Results
“As a startup, you could bleed yourself dry spending money on the kind of resources that are critical to your company’s growth,” said Steve White, CEO of Clarivoy, a TV ad-targeting and attribution company. “Rev1’s trusted resources have been invaluable to us as a growing business. We’ve been connected to specialists like accountants, human resource experts and industry veterans who are vetted and available to help us get to the next level. With the support and guidance provided by Rev1, we’ve been able to double our headcount, office space and revenue, and are on track to continue this momentum.”