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Queer Eye For Revry: The Netflix For The LGBTQ Community [sxsw]

Actor Turned Entrepreneur, Damian Pelliccone, And Pals Launch REVRY.TV

Damian Pelliccone and I bonded over The Gilmore Girls. Specifically season 6 episode 5, where he plays a party planner, planning a DAR event with Rory and her grandmother. The actor turned entrepreneur has a great story that starts years before when he made the trek from his native Toronto out to hollywood to be a star. Damian was one of the lucky ones, he actually got some speaking parts and was able to sustain living the Hollywood Dream.

Over the last seventeen years Damian has had various parts in different tv series and movies. He’s even worked behind the scenes from crew to casting director. Over those years he made some lifelong friends and met his husband, Chris Rodriguez.

As more and more people across the country were cutting cords, and more and more services were being offered as alternatives to traditional tv programming, Damian and friends noticed there was a lack of LGBTQ focused programming. By definition they were looking for content with LGBTQ characters, story lines, even shows and movies directed by members of the LGBTQ community.

Revy-1 Queer Eye For Revry: The Netflix For The LGBTQ Community [sxsw]

Alia Daniels and Damian Pelliccone, two of Revry.tv’s founders, talk with us at SXSW

The spark was fueled when Damian and his now husband got their first Apple TV. They searched for an app that had LGBTQ programming and they couldn’t find one. After checking out a few other set top boxes, they were sure there was nothing.

“We noticed there was no LGBTQ streaming app for Chromecast either,” Pellicione told the Daily Dot in a phone interview Thursday. “That’s when we had the billion-dollar idea to create one.”

The four friends turned founders, Damian, Chris, Alia Daniels, and LaShawn McGhee went to work. McGhee went heads down and started developing the technology platform while the other three sourced all of their connections in the Hollywood area and took a crash course in securing content.

At one point Rodriguez left his job at a prestigious Hollywood law firm that represents the likes of Shark Tank, to go full time on REVRY.

Revrytv-2 Queer Eye For Revry: The Netflix For The LGBTQ Community [sxsw]

“We’re growing way faster than I ever expected” Chris told us in an interview at South By Southwest. They are available in 70 countries and have users everywhere. They even have specialty programming including Asian focused LGBTQ content and other international programming.

REVRY has already started with original content. Their first series, Gayborhood, debuted last month.

“The six episode, full-length show is an unscripted, mock-reality series set in Chicago’s LGBTQ neighborhood. Using satire and over-the-top humor, Gayborhood provides an irreverent commentary on the current state of reality TV and queer culture – all seen through the lens of a wacky and outrageous band of friends living in this vibrant neighborhood. Narcissistic drag queens, sex addicts, “fish out of water” Midwest gay folk, and – of course – everyone’s favorite, love-starved, gal pal all make up the Gayborhood.” Instinct Magazine said about the series.

They also continue expanding their reach and building their user base. Damian is in fundraising mode for the first time ever and was pleased with the reception they were having at South By Southwest. “I’ve been to South By Southwest plenty of times but this time was my first as a CEO… I felt like the new girl, or the hot girl in the room… everyone has had such great things to say about REVRY”.

Damian told us that he and Alia had gone to a panel discussion about OTT/SVOD on Saturday. He had queued up to ask a legitimate question of the speaker but by the time he finished giving his 20 second introduction he was met with a standing ovation and applause, “I never got to ask the question”.

The response is a testament to the opportunity that REVRY is fulfilling. Alia added that REVRY is about being inclusive. As an ally she says theres plenty of programming, music and more for everyone.

You can search for REVRY in the app store for iOS, Android and TVOS and you can find it for Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku and more.  Visit watch.revry.tv