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Safety Measures Are Everywhere

safetymeasures-top Safety Measures Are EverywhereThe news may have us convinced that we are living in dark and dangerous times. However, because of major technological advances, we are much safer than we realize. Safety precautions are everywhere and many are mandated in order to protect us from everyday hazards that could occur. If you are worried and don’t feel safe, keep reading to see the safety measures we take every day and don’t even realize it.

Keeping The Eyes Protected

Warehouses and assembly lines have been a long part of U.S. history. In the days of old, losing a limb or even being blinded by flying debris were common. Now, many of the same places have safety standards in place in accordance with OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) standards. Some even go beyond those standards based on their own work environments and desire to protect employees. Safeguards, such as prescription safety glasses and steel-toed boots, have become so common in the factory industry that we often forget how important those items are.

Cameras are Everywhere

Camera systems are virtually everywhere and with the rise in smartphone use, we are often caught on camera more than we realize. There has been much debate about whether or not we are living under a “big brother” society or if they are a good thing. We see the absolute good in traffic light cameras, retail security systems, and body cameras. Curbing theft from a retail store can work to keep costs down on both the retailer and the community alike. Cameras at traffic lights and street corners mean that the hit and run, or the pickpocket, is caught so that the victim sees justice for a crime that caused them harm.

Keeping the Legalities in Check

Many cameras and security systems are there designed to protect the citizens and bring them justice when they may not have a voice. The cameras on the police department ensure that they are less likely to act irrationally and bring the truth to light about what occurred during a traffic stop. Most recently, a hospital in Baltimore, Maryland had “dumped” a patient out in the cold with just a hospital gown on. If it had not been for the kind man who took video of the situation, that may have never made it to the news and the hospital now has to re-evaluate their practices.

The Battle for Identity Safety

We live in a more globalized world now more than any other time in history. Identity theft has been a problem since the beginning of manhood and with the internet making so much information available, it becomes even more important to protect the citizens and make protections easily accessible. From free anti-viral software to subscription services to laws mandating protections when making purchases online, these are all to make identity theft even harder for the thief.

The Cars We Love Protect Us

Car safety has evolved since we first started creating the heavy contraptions. We now have tires that work in all types of weather, tires that will run while flat so you can get to the mechanic, alerts to let you know you have left your keys in the car, ways to get out of the trunk, child safety locks, cameras to assist in backing up, cars that alert you of drifting, and even airbags. All of these have come to us after seeing the horrifying results of accidents over the years. As more and more cars hit the roads every year, with the rise in population, protections will continue to evolve and advance so that we can safely go about our day.

Safety is everywhere and we are protected from just about anything you can imagine. As our technology advances, we will see more evolution in how we keep ourselves safe on a day to day basis.