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And I’m Back: Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Review

TDG-Macworld And I'm Back: Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Review

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Review

If you saw the first few words of the post you may be thinking you’re going to hear the triumphant story of how I bought nibletz back for pennies on the dollar and have had my Steve Jobs moment. That’s not this story (although that’s exactly what happened). In 2015 we’re bringing sexy back on all directions and one of those was to make the decision to go back to Android, at least a little bit.

Those of you familiar with my personal story know that I was the creator of Thedroidguy, the first independent consumer facing Android blogs in the world. From the time I started TDG until when we sold it in May of 2010 we had been through 238 different Android devices and I was simply burnt out. So that day, the day we actually sold Thedroidguy, we switched to iPhones. We were done with Android, at least for then.

I’ve always been an Apple guy. I always tell the story of how I formed a bond with Tim Cook over Auburn, Android and Apple. The photo at the top of this piece is exactly how that friendship formed.

So how did I get back? Well it’s been four years since we’ve sold Thedroidguy and I’ve been exclusively Apple. I’ve been going through this difficult notion that there was more out there than the iPhone. I’ve had several conversations with one of my former writers who’s turned into a mentor of sorts Russell Holley and with his and other’s words I was pretty confident that Android had grown up. Gone are the days of constant force closings, slower processors and Android just being clunky. So with that in mind, I needed a second phone to separate two of my companies and I bought a Samsung Galaxy Note 4. It’s an awesome phone and I’ll have a review up shortly. But using T-Mobile’s Jump program I paid off that Galaxy Note 4 in the first week and upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy Note Edge.

Edge-Full And I'm Back: Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Review

Screen and The Edge

The first thing I noticed about the Galaxy Note Edge is the real estate available for you to get real work done. It features a light, bright and oh so large 5.7″ QHD display coming in at a whopping 1440×2560 resolution. It also has the novel curved “edge” display which I really really like.

You see back in the day my close friend Omar Khan was the Chief Technology and then Strategy Officer at Samsung during the early part of Android. He introduced both the Behold with the “cube” and the Samsung Galaxy S Continuum with the ticker. Both were kind of cool but not really functional. A colleague pointed out that both of those technologies may have been a little early. Now with all this social media and all these different apps, the edge is quite useful. It puts the things you use most in a side pane that you can quickly access. If you’ve got a lock screen it will pop up a secondary unlock screen to get to your edge apps even quicker. It’s actually amazingly useful.

Couple all of this real estate and extra functionality with the SuperAMOLED technology and this is quite easily the best screen I’ve ever used.

Some of the things in my “edge” include a scheduling/calendar widget, quick access to texts, camera and the Google Play store and my ever important T-Mobile hot spot button which allows me to toggle my hot spot on and off without having to thumb through menus.

Samsung-Edge-With-Edge And I'm Back: Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Review


While the 2.7ghz quad core processor isn’t the fastest on the market it definitely packs enough punch to get work done and multi-task. Sometimes I’m guilty of having more windows open on my Samsung Galaxy Edge than my Macbook Pro. I can easily have a reader app like Digg open while penning a new piece to via the Word Press app, and letting Tune In run in the background. The processor helps get photo rendering done lickety split and when I have the Galaxy Note Edge running on my 1ghz office wi-fi it’s a match made in heaven.


Edge-Camera-better And I'm Back: Samsung Galaxy Note Edge ReviewCameras

The Rear Camera at 16M+ is just an absolute beast. It shoots amazingly clear pictures and even using it in burst mode insures that you have amazingly good pictures.  The front facing camera is excellent for skype and on T-Mobile’s 4G/LTE or on wifi it’s just as clear as if you were using a computer.

Edge-S-Pen And I'm Back: Samsung Galaxy Note Edge ReviewThe S-Pen

Now admittedly the last Galaxy Note I played with was at Mobile World Congress the year JK Shin and Omar Khan introduced the original Galaxy Note. The S-Pen was barely a stylus and the functionality they had hoped for four years ago wasn’t even close to where it is today.

The S-Pen still feels a little flimsy and because of that it’s hard to get my handwriting to come out right, but the functionality actually works. My gut tells me if the S-Pen was a little thicker and a little heavier it may feel more natural in the hand. Now that’s a feeling I get for the most part from holding the Note Edge with one hand and the S-Pen in the other. If I put the Note Edge on my desk and use the S-Pen it seems to work a little better.


The 3000mah fast charge battery gets the job done. One thing I’ve noticed about the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is that you get a full 100% out of the battery. A few years back if your Android battery got to 50% it would be at 10% before you know it. Typically, as much as I’ve used it, I can take the Note Edge off the charger at 6:30am and still have about 25% to go at 7pm with no charging in between. If I charge it in between I’m good to go until the end of the night.

Samsung-Edge-full1 And I'm Back: Samsung Galaxy Note Edge ReviewVerdict

Unlike in years past this phone wasn’t sent to me by Samsung for review, I actually went out and bought it. What’s even more important to note is that none of my local T-Mobile stores carried it in store so I had to order it from the web and wait a couple of days. Once I got it though I wasn’t disappointed. I still use an iPhone 6 on Verizon and a Blackberry Classic on AT&T (review forthcoming), but the goto phone seems to really be the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. I’ve also coupled the Galaxy Note Edge with a Android Wear smart watch which is a great combination.