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South Florida Startup TIKD Can Handle Your Tickets

Coral Gables Startup Caters To The “Just Pay Crowd”

Tikdtop South Florida Startup TIKD Can Handle Your Tickets

Are you one of the 95% of people in America who get a ticket and just want to pay it and get it over with? Well if a Coral Gables startup called TIKD has their way, they could soon help you out. TIKD.com, a South Florida Startup, was founded by Naval Academy alum Christopher Riley and Tim Berthold after Riley got nailed in a Coral Gables speed trap. McClatchyDC reports that Riley wanted to fight the ticket but didn’t want to go through the hassle.

He isn’t alone. Most folks that get a normal speeding ticket or minor traffic infraction are in the same boat.

After getting that speed trap ticket Riley, who’s started other successful tech companies, went to work trying to solve his problem a better way. It would have been easy to set up a website to refer tickets to lawyers and then have the end user go the rest of the way, but that too is a pain in the ass. So Riley and his team at Tikd, went to work setting up technology that automates as much of the process as possible.

TIKD.com is a web application so there’s no need for a native mobile app. After a user gets a ticket they take a photo of the ticket and upload it to the TIKD website. A proprietary algorithm goes to work evaluating the ticket and the likeliness that the driver can get off. That process happens in under two minutes.  If TIKD determines that it can fight the ticket and the consumer engages with the company, the service tells the consumer how much they will pay. That payment can be up to 30% off the cost of the ticket. “We have a pretty sophisticated model for how we look at the tickets and what we think will happen,” Riley said.

TIKD won’t take reckless driving tickets, drunk or impaired driving tickets or tickets from minors. They are catering to those normal folks that fit in the 95% or so of people who just want to pay their ticket and move on. The company also offers a money back guarantee, if they can’t get the user out of their ticket they will refund the payment to the user and pay the ticket cost themselves.

It’s obvious that Riley and Berthold stand by their service and their algorithm. And why shouldn’t they. The founders met at the US Naval Academy and both have earned MBA’s, Riley’s from Harvard and Berthold’s from Wharton. So they know a thing or two about business.  Riley has founded other successful technology companies and is also the President of Guzman Energy. Berthold has had plenty of experience with other startups and hosts the Miami Hustle Series Podcast.

TIKD contracts with a network of licensed attorney’s who enjoy receiving the easy work. They have a small team that handles all the backend office work and they have a tech development firm working on the technology out of Austin. They’ve also hired a marketing firm.

TIKD is starting off in the Miami Dade area with hopes to expand statewide later this year and nationwide next year.

You can check it out now at TIKD.com