Should You Start Doing Work You Love?

If you would like to quit your day job and start your own small business, then one of the quickest ways to achieve this goal is to become a solopreneur. In essence, you’ll start a “one-man-band” online business, taking on a diversity of tasks and responsibilities despite being the single employee of your own enterprise.

If you work for a corporation and feel like a wage slave, no amount of prestige or money will fill the empty feeling you have inside. The only the way to end this personal crisis is to start doing work that you love.

Let’s take a look at what you need to do to become a self-employed professional so that you can break away from your 9-5 job.

1. Update your technology.

Thanks to the power and potential of advanced software and apps available to today’s generation of self-employed professionals, there is a lot you can do on your own. Get the best technology and update to the most useful apps for your business.

It’s also important to protect your equipment from possible damage. If, say, you have a Samsung device, perhaps a Galaxy s7, then protect it with a case that fits perfectly for that model. The same advice goes for your tablet. Find the right case for that particular model. If you have a laptop, don’t carry it in any kind of briefcase, but always carry it in a bag designed for laptops. Since you are now starting your own business, damaging your sensitive, portable hardware devices could cost you the loss of invaluable data. Also, protect your devices with the best security software, including your mobile devices.

2. Actively collect ideas.

Capture your best ideas on your smartphone, using some kind of memo app. When you open your mind to ideas about what you could do to earn extra money in your spare time, you will initiate a whole series of ideas. Your subconscious mind will get to work in providing you with one insight after another.

3. Do free gigs.

You will need a portfolio and a client base. One way to join the gig economy and get on the fast track to monetizing your skills is to do work for free in return for a testimonial or referral. Yes, you do deserve to be paid for your talents, but think of it from the perspective of your potential customer. They don’t know how good you are and don’t want to risk the reasonable fee you are charging to find out. You have to assume the burden of risk. Remember, you only need to do a few free gigs to build momentum in your business.

3. Adjust to the life change.

You can’t reflect on your mistakes while you’re making them. So be patient with yourself as you make one mistake after another. You’re still learning. There will be many life changes you will have to make to get into the new groove and it takes time to adjust.

4. Don’t rush an idea to market.

Be honest about your strengths and take time to learn. For instance, just because you see other people making tons of money writing Kindle books, doesn’t mean you will be an instant success based on the fact that you wrote term papers in college. Learn the art of writing and marketing before you start writing your books.

Start, Don’t Procrastinate

It’s one thing to talk about starting your own online business but it’s another to actually do it. This is one of those life issues that’s only to easy to procrastinate on because it’s important, but not urgent.

Here are two possible reasons for procrastinating:

1. You don’t know what you’re good at doing.

Spend time reflecting on your personal interests and identifying your strengths. The worst mistake you can make is to look for a business opportunity. Not only are you vulnerable to being scammed, but even if you do have a legitimate opportunity, it might not be doing something you love. For instance, you might love a certain MLM product, but hate to buttonhole people every time you go out in public. It’s much better to focus on developing some core skill to the point where you can monetize it. You can make money doing all sorts of things—writing, photography, coding, drawing, graphic illustration, etc.

2. You’re afraid of losing your income.

Just start part-time, working in the evenings and on your day’s off.

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