T-Mobile Reacts With Free Calls To Belgium And Turkey

t-mobile-sticktogether-1024x369 T-Mobile Reacts With Free Calls To Belgium And TurkeyOn Tuesday terrorist attacks in multiple locations claimed the lives of over thirty people in Belgium. By midmorning in the US hundreds if not thousands of photos flooded the internet showing the devastation caused by extremists with blasts going off at two locations in the Belgium airport and at a nearby subway station.

While most everyone took to social media to keep up with the developing situation and show support of those in Belgium, T-Mobile acted swiftly and with a human touch.

T-Mobile has made calls and text messages originating from the United States and Puerto Rico, to Belgium free between March 22nd and March 25th. They offered the same to Turkey with free calls and text messages that began March 19th and ended on March 22nd.

T-Mobile customers with Simple Choice postpaid plans that make calls or send texts to Belgium will see those calls and texts on their next bills along with credits that cancel out those charges.

John Legere, T-Mobile’s CEO, often responds quickly to news that affects the people and this case was no different.

“I’m speechless” Legere, said. “Our hearts are with everyone affected by the horrible acts of terrorism. Please take care of each other.”

Source: T-Mobile