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TechCrunchDisrupt: Park Your Dog In A Dog Parker

DogParker_House TechCrunchDisrupt: Park Your Dog In A Dog ParkerIn Brooklyn New York there are more dogs than children. This statistic holds true in many urban areas. Dog owners in major metropolitan areas want to take their dogs everywhere they can but the dogs get robbed of valuable time with their humans. 

As Chelsea Brownridge, the founder of Dog Parker told us at TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2016, she would love to take her dog Winston on every pedestrian errand she has to run but sometimes that’s not in the cards. A quick walk to the bank, drugstore or even to pick up some carry out often means Winston had to stay at home. That was until she created the Dog Parker.

The Dog Parker is a climate and environmentally controlled, monitored dog house. 

Dog Parker partners with local businesses that want to be dog friendly but for some reason or another can’t let dogs inside their establishment. Dog Parker installs their dog house outside of a location with power and wifi and voila it’s in business.

Users (the dog’s parents) sign up for the DogParker service for a small $25 fee and get a swipable membership card. When they need to park their dog outside a location it’s secure and safe. Parking the dog costs just $.20 cents per minute, so it’s designed for somewhat short errands. Now dog owners can run into the local store, spend a few minutes shopping and not have to worry about their dog.

The Dog Parker door secures after the dog is inside. It’s climate controlled so the dog won’t get too hot or too cold and it also includes environmental sensors and sanitation. At the end of the day a DogParker worker cleans each DogParker house. 

The 5 location pilot program in Brooklyn was a huge success for Brownridge and DogParker. Now they’re set to roll out 100 units across Brooklyn and then plan to expand to other major metropolitan areas so dogs can get more time with their humans.


  • Lucy_P

    This is a bad idea all-around. It puts dogs at risk of being harassed or harmed by cruel people or bored kids, overheating if something malfunctions, feeling lonely and stressed not understanding why their guardian has locked them up and left them on the street, and more. If you can’t take your dog in to wherever you’re going, it’s much safer and less stressful to just leave them at home.