The Most Exciting Jobs for Network Engineers

Are you a network engineer? Otherwise known as a network architect, a network engineer is responsible for designing and implementing computer networks. In order to call yourself a network engineer, you first need a two-year engineering degree; your degree can be in general engineering, network engineering, or telecommunications engineering to secure this job.

Once you’ve graduated you have your choice of any number of boring jobs, but why choose something boring when you can find yourself in one of the following richly rewarding careers?

Sports and Sports Broadcasting Network Engineer  

As a sports network engineer, you’ll be responsible for implementing and maintaining cabling, routers, wireless signals, and firewalls. If you’re able to snag a highly coveted position in sports broadcasting, you could find yourself servicing the networks of some of sport’s greatest players-turned-announcers. Imagine providing daily IT support for Terry Bradshaw or John Madden.

It’s important to be educated about the field you’re entering. For example, if you want to work with football legends, you’ll need to brush up on your NFL knowledge. You can’t get by on just a thorough understanding of the NFL’s LAN/WAN infrastructure; although, this information is pertinent to the job, you’ll also need a thorough understanding of professional football because your responsibilities will extend to live streaming systems, and you’ll be in charge of media delivery and testing.

These jobs are highly competitive, and you’ll want to stand out in an interview. Impress them with your education and your professional sports knowledge. Check out the Direct TV NFL schedule for information on upcoming games.

Entertainment Network Engineer lists the average salary for a network engineer as $72,040, but in entertainment nothing is average. Employees for prominent entertainment companies, such as the gaming giant Blizzard Entertainment, make upwards of $120,000 per year. Higher salaries and the ability to work with celebrities and entertainment magnates make working in entertainment a desirable position for any capable network engineer.

You can even freelance in this position, according to Career Lancer. Imagine bouncing from one entertainment company to the next. To get your start, the site recommends that you offer to do your first few projects for a minimum fee. This is going to help you build a portfolio, and once you’ve established yourself you can charge more for your services.

Marketing and Network Engineering

Your skills are highly sought-after in the marketing world. Perhaps you’d like to do something that requires more effort than starting and maintaining a network. In marketing, your skills will be utilized in incredible and creative new ways.

Marketing companies are leveraging the Internet to promote their client’s products and services. Your job may require you to conduct network research, maintain the architecture of client websites, and creatively use your talents to promote businesses online, as well as perform standard network engineering duties. The position is demanding, but with your skills, you should have no problem meeting the demand.

If you’re feeling extra creative, Internet marketing is a business you can build from scratch. If you’ve got the time and know-how, you can be your own boss. Mike Ramsey, the owner of Nifty Marketing, founded his business in 2009. He started the company with no experience, and grew it to a million dollar business. He offers tips for building your own marketing business, but warns that if you’re just in it for the money you could end up disappointed.

As it turns out, network engineering isn’t as boring as some would think. These careers are interesting and exciting, and there’s plenty to choose from. lists more than 60,000 network engineering jobs in the United States. You’re welcome to narrow that down by sports, entertainment, or marketing.