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3 Awesome Women Led Startups We Met At South By Southwest

Check Out These 3 Amazing Women Led Startups We Met At South By Southwest 2017

This was our seventh year at South By Southwest as, the voice of startups everywhere else. This year, as always, we met some amazing startups. We profiled over 50 startups here in our South By Southwest section.

Here are three amazing women led startups we met at South By Southwest.


KimBryden-Cureate-WEDC1 3 Awesome Women Led Startups We Met At South By Southwest

DC based entrepreneur Kim Bryden spent over a decade in the food and beverage business in the nation’s capital. Through that experience she discovered some important flaws in supply chain. She also discovered that it was nearly impossible for a locally conscious restaurant owner to easily source everything, locally.

That’s why she created Cureate (with an e). Cureate has been winning awards across the DMV for being a “megaphone for small businesses”. Cureate connects local bars, restaurants and other establishments, with the vendors needed to keep it local. Say you have a restaurant and you want local hand soap, local snacks, and local rice, rather than having to scour the internet and curate the vendors yourself, Cureate has a platform to do it for you.

Bryden is looking to expand Cureate to Philadelphia and Richmond soon. You can check it out here. .

Jozu For Women

Jozu-for-womne-1 3 Awesome Women Led Startups We Met At South By Southwest


90% of the travel decisions made in the United States, regardless of who’s paying, are made by women. That’s a statistic that drives Stephenie Rodriguez, an entrepreneur with over two decades of experience in travel and online marketing.

Stephenie Rodriguez has spent her entire career in online marketing, technology and travel. She’s traveled to 48 countries around the world, often times, solo. Rodriguez was around for the dotcom bubble. At that time she had helped create some of Australia’s earliest websites.

She had been using her skills to help companies on nickel and dime budgets have big travel related campaigns. After working with a company with a $70 budget, book over $1 million dollars in travel, she went out on her own and created Jozu For Women.

Jozu is an online portal for women that helps women make better informed decisions about traveling. Sometimes when using traditional portals you can find a great place with great wifi and 1000 thread count Egyptian sheets. What that portal may leave out is that the hotel is in a red light district, or butts up to a bad alley way. Those are things women who travel need to know. That’s what Jozu is for. Check it out here. 

Roar For Good

Roar-For-Good-Athena-1 3 Awesome Women Led Startups We Met At South By Southwest

Roar For Good is a women led startup out of Philadelphia.

The nuts and bolts of Roar’s first product Athena, are that it’s a personal safety beacon. Roar has taken extreme care in making sure that Athena looks like jewelry and not a panic button. The modular design can be worn with anything. From the outside it looks like just another accessory.

The Roar team has made the pattern on the front of the device in such a a way that someone in distress could easily find it in a panicked situation. They also made the reset button easy to find as well, in the event that there was a false alarm.

Athena syncs with the users phone and app which has emergency numbers stored in it, in case the device is activated. It has two modes, an inaudible mode and a crazy loud GTFO mode. That mode, emits a 95 decibel siren, enough to thwart a would be attacker and let everyone else know there’s a problem.

Yasmine Mustafa created Roar For Good after she went on a six month soul searching journey across six countries in South America. While it was a life changing positive experience, she couldn’t stop thinking about how so many women are objectified, victimized, tormented and attacked. She also thought about how those women barely had a voice.

In addition to Athena Roar For Good is giving back to the community by donating a portion of their proceeds to raise awareness about the warning signs of abuse and helping end relationship violence.

Check out Roar For Good here. 


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