San Francisco Science SXSW

EpiBiome: Replacing ag. antibiotics with helpful bacteria

There were a ton of interesting startups at SxSW, but very few can boast world-changing technology. It was mostly apps and various other software that, yes, can make life a lot easier and more productive, but very few have the potential to alter the world’s future. One company we saw, however, that has this potential: EpiBiome.

EpiBiome is a “precision microbiome engineering company.” That sounds really complicated, but the company brakes it down into a digestible form in their mission:

EpiBiome is a venture-backed precision microbiome engineering company with the mission of developing effective and sustainable FDA-approved therapies to combat infectious disease in humans and in agriculture without the use of small-molecule antibiotics. Its first product will address bovine mastitis, an inflammation of the udder tissue in dairy cows, usually caused by bacterial infection.1

In a nutshell, EpiBiome is looking to eliminate the use of antibiotics in agriculture. Further, this will be done by replacing antibiotics with bacteria that fight against infections and diseases. So, more or less, the company is developing a sort of pro-biotic regiment for agriculture.

We had a chance to speak with the team during SxSW. They told us a bit more about their process and how they use bacteria: