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Ebay Launches Startup Cup Competition

Ebay Teams Up With Griffin Works For 2017 Startup Cup Competition

Ebay-Startup-Cup-top Ebay Launches Startup Cup Competition

Many of the biggest startups in the world can trace their heritage back to eBay or Paypal (which was once part of eBay).  When Pierre Omidyar launched eBay in September of 1995 it was a breakthrough disruptive concept in how to help average everyday people sell their stuff in an online auction setting. Now, eBay itself has been disrupted with startups like LetGo and even Craigslist. Drop shipping and the low cost of goods from overseas has further made eBay a challenge for many.

Through it all though, eBay has always been loyal to it’s startup roots. That hasn’t changed in 21 years.

Now, eBay along with partner Griffin Works has launched the 2017 Startup Cup Competition. The competition is based in four cities; Berlin, Brooklyn, Mumbai and Washington D.C. New company’s in those cities are encouraged to submit their business models here. 

Each of the Challenges begin with an intensive 48-hour Extreme Build-A-Business Weekend, with the top 25 entrepreneurs in each city moving into an acceleration program where they will compete with each other. Competing businesses will receive additional no-cost support including tailored coaching and mentoring. Notably, eBay employees with relevant experience will mentor qualifying teams and help them to advance their entrepreneurial ideas.

“eBay believes strongly that all entrepreneurs should have the opportunity to succeed, and many of the resources and people we have at our company can make a profound difference in an entrepreneur’s life,” said Amy Millington, President of eBay Foundation. “Through the StartUp Cup Challenge we can help innovative ideas grow into viable businesses that create jobs and benefit entire communities. This program gives us an opportunity to meet our commitment to helping anyone, regardless of background or circumstance, realize their dreams of building a business.”

The eBay StartUp Cup Challenge is being organized by GriffinWorx, one of the largest business building organizations in the world. GriffinWorx has lead business acceleration programs in over 60 countries, focusing primarily on underserved areas and populations. GriffinWorx and eBay Foundation share a common goal to close the opportunity gap for entrepreneurs and make entrepreneurial support systems work better across diverse populations. Additional supporting partners include TiE Mumbai in India and Enpact in Berlin.

“GriffinWorx is enthusiastic to partner with the eBay Foundation and launch the 2017 eBay StartUp Cup, supporting the creation of new jobs and new businesses in Berlin, Brooklyn, Mumbai and Washington D.C.,” said, Sean Griffin, CEO and Founder of GriffinWorx. “With the collective goal of bringing down the barriers required to build a business, eBay StartUp Cup allows anyone, from any background or education level to access the tools, resources and connections. Entrepreneurs will be equipped with the support to design, test and build a sustainable business of any kind. We look forward to igniting the human potential of the business builders who will compete in this year’s global Challenge.”

By reducing barriers for entrepreneurship, we can encourage innovation and more inclusive growth in communities everywhere. Look for more news to come from eBay Foundation and GriffinWorx, as the StartUp Cup Challenge develops. To find more details about the program and a complete schedule for the Challenge, please visit