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Launch Tennessee announces new University Pitch Contest

On Monday, Launch Tennessee announced their plans to launch a new Statewide University Venture Challenge. The new program will be a partnership between Launch Tennessee and  various existing university programs across the state. In addition, Launch Tennessee will also look to partner with other interested universities.

As the name of the competition implies, the University Venture Challenge will be limited to student-run startups. The challenge will take place in several steps. There will be the university challenges, after which the top-three teams at each university will be invited to submit their info to Launch Tennessee:

Those top three teams will then be invited to submit an application to LaunchTN that will be reviewed by regional investors, experienced entrepreneurs, corporate partners and community leaders. Four overall winners will be selected, receiving a cash prize of up to $10,000 and admission to LaunchTN’s 36|86 conference where they will be recognized as a Top Tennessee University Startup.1

In addition to the prizes noted in the quote above, Launch Tennessee will also offer universities up to $5,000 in sponsorship funds to participate in the challenge. The chance to win a ticket to 36|86 alone is worth the time to participate in the challenge.

  1. Courtney Corlew, Launch Tenessee, “LaunchTN Announces Plans for Statewide University Pitch Competition,” 25 January 2016