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PatientBank: Yale Student Startup Pitch Contest

During SXSW, the Yale Entrepreneurial Institute (YEI), had a major presence. We talked a little bit more about the YEI in our post about Hotspot. One event that the YEI hosted was a pitch contest for startups recently accepted into the fellowship program.

One of the startups that pitched during the contest was PatientBank. Essentially, PatientBank provides users with a sort-of secure vault for all of their medical information. The idea being that if people have access to their records, and can provide access to their doctors, care will be better and safer, and human error will be drastically reduced.

PatientBank-1024x270 PatientBank: Yale Student Startup Pitch Contest

The PatientBank platform allows individuals to easily request medical records, store them securely online, and share them with family members and providers. It is a personal health record system that actually helps patients receive better care.1

Although PatientBank has a lot of built-in benefits for individuals, it also provides relief for one of the major pain-points for hospitals. Across the U.S., hospitals spend more than $7 billion annually on customer intake. That is incredible. More than $7 billion, before any sort of medical procedure is done; before a patient even steps out of a waiting room. PatientBank thinks that they can drastically reduce that number. Below is their pitch from the SXSW Yale Student Startup Pitch Contest:

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