CES 2016 Startup Contest Techstars

Techstars to hold CES pitch event for Eureka Park startups

This year at the Consumer Electronics Show, startups who are exhibiting in Eureka Park are getting a special bonus. As part of the push to get more startups involved in CES, this year’s show will again feature the “Startup Stage.” The stage will host all sorts of speakers and learning sessions that “highlight the startup community by featuring prominent entrepreneurs, investors, executives, media, and Techstars staff and alumni.”1

However, there is a major opportunity for the Eureka Park startups as well. In addition to all of the sessions, Eureka Park startups will have to opportunity to pitch in front of Techstars mentors and staff: “This year’s Startup Stage festivities will also include our annual pitch competition. The pitch competition is your opportunity to pitch to a panel of iconic entrepreneurs, receive feedback and win prizes.”2

There are three different pitch sessions, each with a different thematic focus:

The rules are pretty simple:

Only startups with a booth at Eureka Park are allowed to participate in the pitch competition. Startups that submit the form without a booth valid number will be immediately disqualified to participate…Only one person on stage, no slides. Visual aids are permitted. Examples could be prototypes, foam boards, etc.
Pitch is 60 seconds. There are 3 minutes after for Judge Q&A, and feedback
You will be judged based off of: quality of pitch, business model, and customer validation.3

Apply to pitch here.

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