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Wellinks: Yale Student Startup Pitch Contest

During SXSW, the Yale Entrepreneurial Institute (YEI), had a major presence. We talked a little bit more about the YEI in our post about Hotspot. One event that the YEI hosted was a pitch contest for startups recently accepted into the fellowship program. One of the startups that participated in the pitch contest was Wellinks. The team from Wellinks has built a unique app and hardware system that is aimed at helping kids stay on track with their scoliosis treatment:

Wellinks-product Wellinks: Yale Student Startup Pitch Contest

Typically, the complications that arise from scoliosis which ultimately require surgery are preventable. The main problem, then, lies in treatment compliance. Kids that are diagnosed with scoliosis have to wear a hard plastic brace. Kids have a hard time both wearing the brace tight enough, and wearing the brace long enough. That’s where Wellinks steps in. The company’s first product, Cinch, is aimed a gamifying the process.

Cinch Wellinks: Yale Student Startup Pitch Contest

Our patent pending smart strap allows doctors, parents, and children to check how long and how tight the brace is being worn. Simply replace the velcro strap on the brace with the smart strap and connect to the strap with the Wellinks mobile app. Now anyone involved in care can see and track treatment progress.1

Take a look at Wellinks’ SXSW pitch: