Changing Your Startup Name? These Companies Did [Infographic]

Startup Names

Pivoting, changing course, firing co-founders, re-organizing and even changing a company names are just part of living the startup life.

While everyone knows that change is part of the startup life, sometimes change is the hardest thing to do. Whether it’s changing UI or UX, pivoting or changing names. Some startups are petrified of changing names but it happens all the time. Forbes even published a check list for startups thinking about changing their name.

Sometimes name changes are simple like Facebook. When Mark Zuckerberg and the team came up with the Facebook idea in their dorm room at Harvard the original name was “The Facebook”. Shortly after launching to more campuses they quickly dropped “The” from the name.

Not many people know that when Sergey Brin and Larry Page started Google, it was called “Back Rub” can you imagine where they would be now with a name like “Back Rub”. More recently Google changed their parent company name to Alphabet. Just wait, Verizon will probably change the name Yahoo to “Number”.

Website recently published an infographic on some of the biggest business name changes in modern history. You’ll be surprised when you scroll down to see what company’s like Paypal, Nike and even Best Buy went by in their earliest days.

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StartupNamesInfographic Changing Your Startup Name? These Companies Did [Infographic]