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British Startup Will Help You Stash Your Bags

CityStasher  Offers An Innovative Approach To The Sharing Economy and A New Idea

citystasher-top-1 British Startup Will Help You Stash Your Bags

Have you ever planned a trip abroad with several stops, some shorter than others, but with say two weeks or more worth of luggage? Perhaps you me need a knapsack for one night on  your trip and a suitcase full of your stuff for the rest. You may not want to travel around town with all that luggage. What do you do.

Well we know you can’t just let a stranger hold onto it, the airport warns us about that every 2 and  a half minutes. Lockers seem so cloak and dagger, and short term luggage storage facilities like Excess Baggage can cost nearly your night’s stay.

The Guardian reports that Matt Majewski, an Oxford grad and a bit of an entrepreneur, was heading from Oxford back home to Norwich with a short stop in Edinburgh. He didn’t want to carry an entire summers worth of luggage to Edinburgh so he asked a mate of his if he could store his bags at his place. The friend said yes but he would have to charge Majewski. From there, the idea for CityStasher was born.

CityStasher has a new take on the sharing economy. Allow travelers to store their luggage in extra space at small businesses, hotels and retail locations, not at random strangers’ houses. We’re pretty sure you wouldn’t want a complete stranger rifling through your under garments.

Many hotels have huge luggage storage rooms that outside of a big conference or event, have plenty of extra space. With CityStasher the hotel can make a few extra bucks to hold someone’s bags for a couple hours or a couple of days. Other retail and small businesses with extra room for storage can also participate, where the revenue is shared with the business. The businesses are called “StashPoints” and travelers can find them on the CityStasher app.

It costs just £4 to store a bag up to three hours. It’s £6 to store a bag from 3-24 hours and £5 for each additional 24 hours period.

The Guardian reports that one of the biggest challenges for CityStasher was insurance and safety. Travelers want to know that no one is going to go through their luggage and that their belongings are safe. The company found an insurance provider that covers up to £750. For the StashPoint’s protection they can ask to go through the contents of the luggage but only in the presence of it’s owner.  CityStasher makes sure that each business can store the luggage in a locked room.

CityStasher is available in 18 UK cities and in Amsterdam. They store about 1500 bags a day across 90 businesses right now. They’re growing fast but haven’t spoken about international expansion beyond Amsterdam.

Check them out here.

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