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Xooglers Create Totally Free Texting Platform, FoxText

Former Google Voice Engineers Team Up To Launch FoxText, A Totally Free Texting Platform

foxtext-top Xooglers Create Totally Free Texting Platform, FoxText

Have you ever needed to text someone from your desktop or laptop? Maybe you have something you want to send someone really quick and the phone isn’t convenient. Maybe you want to send something private and don’t want to share your information? Maybe you want to respond to a classified ad without revealing your personal cell phone number?  FoxText is the answer to all of those scenarios.

FoxText allows users to send text messages free of charge to and from their web based interface.

“It is world’s [sic] first web based app that lets users send free text messages or make free phone calls to any phone number around the world. No need to download any plug-in. No need to register. No need to make payment. FoxText is hassle-free communication app that is here to change how we communicate.” the company told in an interview.

When you arrive on the FoxText website you simply click the “send text”, “free text” or “send a text” button and you’ll see a smartphone on the screen. Enter the number you want to text at the top of the phone, write the text message or SMS message and voila, it’s magically sent to the recipient.

FoxText is great if you have images you want to send that live on your computer, hard drive or cloud storage that’s not already integrated with your smartphone. It’s also great for texting on the fly.

When the recipient receives the message it will say “sent from”. Outside of that it looks like any ordinary text message. The recipient can even reply and you can have a natural, normal text thread as if you were sending and receiving directly from your phone.

FoxText is completely free and doesn’t require any kind of registration. “Current communication apps require some sort of lock-in, either via sign-up or payment. We are trying to make communication hassle-free and simple.” FoxText co-founder Anish Patel told

You can get started now, just head on over to