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5 Things to Keep in Mind When Starting up a Business

5tips 5 Things to Keep in Mind When Starting up a Business

Business owners know the importance of drug testing in the workplace. It is a vital element in preventing drug abuse and is done to improve workplace safety. Companies perform drug testing such as marijuana drug tests to deter workers from using drugs and prevent accidents that may occur around the place due to substance abuse.

Understanding the significance of drug testing allows you to create a good drug testing program that will benefit your organization. Keep in mind that workers have the right to work in a safe environment. If your business does not yet have a drug testing program in place, there are several reasons for you to start one as soon as possible.

Promote Workplace Safety

Companies are legally required to have Health and Safety guidelines, including a policy on drug and alcohol use. This policy reduces risks of accidents in the workplace and states the consequences in case a worker tests “positive”. Employees who are under the influence of drugs are not able to do their duties properly and can pose a risk to themselves and co-workers. By having a well-planned drug testing program, you can promote a safer workplace.

Maintain a Drug-Free Workplace

Hiring new staff can be risky for any business, especially that recruitment staff usually just spends over an hour with each applicant before making a decision. Through pre-employment drug tests, you can identify any recent drug use and withdraw a job offer if the person tests positive. Furthermore, routine testing of employees will reduce the chances of accidents in the workplace.

Improve Productivity

Employees who consume drugs are likely to be less productive compared to those who do not. Fatigue, lack of sleep, and inability to concentrate can lead to unfinished tasks and inefficiency. These drug users also become inaccurate and miss important details. This means more time to finish tasks and additional costs for the company.

Reduce Conflict in the Workplace

A drug user may suffer from mood swings and have a higher absenteeism rate than those who do not use drugs. These are just some of the problems an employer has to face if a drug user remains unchecked. Conflict among co-workers may also occur, which is why it is important to do drug testing regularly to prevent conflicts that can eventually affect productivity.

Reduce Costs of Health Insurance

Organizations with a good Drug and Alcohol policy that includes routine drug screening usually get a better insurance rate. If drug- and alcohol-related incidents are minimized, insurance costs that would normally cover these accidents would also go down. Insurance companies like drug testing to be done, especially in industrial workplaces.

Drug testing also helps the entire community as it addresses the drug abuse problem and encourages a healthy and safe community. The decision whether or not to come up with a drug testing program should not be taken lightly. Drug testing can help your company in a lot of ways, which is why maintaining a drug-free workplace with the help of routine drug testing should be carefully planned and strictly implemented.