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Why Your Startup Needs to Move Toward App Development

appdevelopmentstory-top Why Your Startup Needs to Move Toward App Development

Have you noticed how much time people spend staring at their phones? The latest trends in technology and smart devices has made it easier to distract people away from desktops and laptops towards smaller screens. People are in love with mobile apps. They use them for a variety of reasons including personal and business. Recent research by Hackernoon indicated in 2017, people spent about 4 actual hours on their devices every single day. As people become more “connected” to technology, it’s no wonder more companies are focusing on improving and building the best mobile apps possible. Startups are not exempt, and may have an even greater need for startup app developers to create a mobile app. Here are five primary reasons startups should move toward it.

Placing A Brand in The Customer’s Hand

Even though it does depend on the type of business a startup is handling, user engagement is faster than “back” in the days when a website was all that was necessary. Users do not have to wait for web pages to load, an app launches instantly. Startup app developers are key here since how the app behaves is important. How does it work? How does it look? Startups should think of it as an active business card that includes the most important up-to-date information about the company.

Track Users to Meet Their Needs

Businesses do not have to give up website analytics by creating a mobile app. A website can be analyzed with heat mapping or data recording, time-on-site analysis, bounce rates, and learning how the “funnel” is working. It’s no different with an app. You’ll be able to see what sections of the app are most visited and adjust messages to meet the user’s needs and expectations.

The Need to be Seen as Innovative

You can still be cutting edge without a mobile app, but companies who have an app, or who go mobile first are typically seen as more innovative and savvy than those who do not. A website-only startup may be seen as behind the times, or slow to start. It can definitely take longer to connect with an audience without an app.

Make Use of Push Notifications

Push notifications are build in by startup app developers and they are a great tool to spread the news. They can ensure you reach your target audience in a way not offered anywhere else. Keeping content in push notifications relevant to users can improve the user experience, if they are used for more than just pushing a sale.

You Don’t Have to “Have it all Together”

You can develop a mobile app for just about anything, as long as it is useful. It should be seen as part of your growth plan, not the end result. Branded content can be aimed at present customers as well as potential ones. Mobile apps for startups can be designed to grow with the company. Take time to promote it, develop it, make it better than the competition and make it interesting to users who will download it.