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How Automation Tech Is Transforming The Home

Home automation may not have been on the scenes for very long, but it is definitely here to stay: from the simple lifts and levers which use linear actuators to the highly sophisticated home security systems which are now on offer. The changes it has made to the home are huge, and will only be more so as the home automation market continues to expand. The changes being made are ones which can add a lot to the comfort and security of a home, and changes which are being made in the future, such as the upcoming crossover with the internet of things phenomenon which will allow clearer communication to happen between all sorts of home appliances and the mobile device which controls them. A homeowner’s control over their environment is helped by home automation, with that control increasing as the automation grows more complex.

Linear actuators are what really helped the home automation industry to take flight, as the movement and precision which linear actuators give to the equipment they are incorporated into makes them more efficient. Any linear actuator supplier will be able to provide homeowners and companies both with the appropriate actuators for their needs.

automation How Automation Tech Is Transforming The Home
Home Security
Home security has always been something which is close to many people’s hearts, and with good reason: security systems keep their home and loved ones safe. Home automation has increased to such a degree that security systems no longer need to be wired to an access point for people to control them – it can be done remotely so long as both the homeowner and the security system have access to a network.

Thermostats were among the first appliances to be given the home automation treatment, with the result that control over the boiler and water heater instantly became much more precise and all-encompassing. Having a thermostat which is controlled remotely means that the boiler can be controlled from wherever the homeowner is, allowing for a much finer degree of control. The use of home automation has made thermostats and heating more energy-efficient just by existing, as they allow for finer control.

Remote controlled lighting is one of the more recent additions to the home automation listings, but it is rapidly becoming as well-loved as remote thermostats. Remote controlled lighting not only fulfils the same functions as remote thermostats in giving homeowners a greater degree of control over their property and energy usage. They also offer other advantages, such as being able to switch on lights in outside areas when it is dark.

Voice Command
More and more home automation is featuring voice control as an integrated feature, which is something that will entirely change the way in which a home is run. Voice control functions almost like the remote control in that it removes a lot of needed physical interaction – homeowners can simply give a command, and have it happen.
Voice control is something which is particularly helpful for people who have multiple things to do at once – say they are working on a meal but need to put the heating on at the same time, but it is also useful for people who are either elderly, or in other ways less able to do things around the house.

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