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Employee Retention: 3 Tips for Keeping Your Top Employees Happy

What’s the biggest asset to your startup aside from your customers? Hopefully, your answer was your employees. Without your employees coming into work everyday to help you reach your business objectives, there’d be no products and/or services to provide to your customers in the first place. Your staff is the “lifeline” of your organization, and if you don’t take every chance that you can to show them that, chances are your turnover rates will be high. Since you’ve been through the hiring process before, you know full well how challenging and time consuming it can be to put together the perfect team.

So rather than having to go through the process of hiring over and over again, it’s best to find ways to show your employees just how much you appreciate their efforts each and every day. Below are a few suggestions on how to keep your current employees happy.

Invest in Staff Development– No one wants to remain stagnant in their career. Whether it’s a manager who would enjoy learning how to encourage their staff better or an entry level employee looking to move up the ranks one day, the need to excel professional is an essential goal for most individuals. If you want to show your staff that you care and keep them satisfied with their jobs, investing in their career development is a great place to start. Trainings, networking events, tuition assistance (for those looking to go back to school), and more are all great ways to improve upon your employee’s abilities so that they can put their best foot forward.

There are lots of affordable and free online training and education opportunities you can take advantage of. Find out what areas your staff would like to improve upon by having them complete a simple survey, or by having a one on one conversation with them to learn about their future goals.

Offer Incentives – What’s the biggest way to get your staff motivated to work diligently each and every day? Offer them incentives of course. Now the incentives don’t have to be costly, nor do they have to be given out on the daily basis, but it gives them something to look forward to. You could opt for something as simple as a $50 bonus each month for the employee that gets the most sales, or maybe offer 2 extra paid vacation days each year for the employee that uses the least amount of sick time. This not only motivates staff, but also helps to boost business and keep absenteeism at a minimum.

Care About Them Personally – It has often be said that personal and professional lives should not coexist. What happens at home should stay there, and what happens in the workplace should stay there. However, if you’ve ever experienced something stressful in your personal life, you know how hard that can be. Employees are not robots that can turn off emotion or block out things that are happening in their everyday lives, and as such you must try in some ways to accommodate their needs.

There are several ways that you can show your employees that you care about them personally without crossing any lines. For instance, many employers have started encouraging employee wellness, which can help to reduce absenteeism. Something as simple as investing in filtered water in the breakroom can ensure that your staff stays hydrated.

The Quench water dispenser site points out that filtered water can actually improve memory. This, of course, is good for your employees, but good for business as well. Other ways to show your staff you care about them personally is offering affordable employee counseling services, having reasonable working hours so the staff can tend to their families, and even hosting events where families are invited so you can get to know your staff on a more personal level.

When employees are happy, it is a proven fact that they will be more productive in the workplace. As an employer it is your job to see your staff as more than just “robots” that come to make you money every day, but as human beings who have needs, goals, and lives outside of the office. If you’ve invested the time, energy, and money into hiring the best team to take your business to the next level, then you should want to do everything that you can to ensure that your “dream team” stays put.