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How to Find the Best People for your Company

And the secret to finding the best people for your company is…

Ah, come on. If it was that easy, everyone would be doing it. The sad fact is that businesses choose the wrong person for the job every day. That is despite their exhaustive search programs and strict qualifications criteria. Not even background checks and reference interviews are enough to keep from hiring the wrong person for the job.

Some managers labor under the delusion that there is a such thing as the perfect person for the job. That smacks of the romantic mysticism that leads some people to believe that there is a one perfect mate somewhere out there for them. Such people are constantly connecting with unsuitable mates, and wasting their lives looking for what does not exist. As wiser, less romantic people might observe, the perfect is the enemy of the good.

Instead of looking for our narrow idea of a perfect fit, we might all be better suited if we sought to fill job openings with suitable fits. The people in your company right now do not represent the perfect candidates. They were just candidates who turned out to be good at the job. Even now. some of them are doing things that will eventually get them fired. Others are secretly brushing off their resumes’, and looking for a better job: the perfect job.

So while finding the perfect candidate is not realistic, and often counterproductive, finding perfectly suitable candidates is very realistic and profitable. Here are a few ways to maximize your chances of find a great person for the job:

Streamline the Process

The best way to let a great candidate slip through your fingers is to leave her hanging too long. Some hiring processes are unreasonably long and arduous. Good candidates will have applied to a number of places, and will be getting offers from those places at the same time. The offers they will not be considering are the ones that took too long to materialize.

One way to streamline the hiring process is by revamping the signing process. Third-party companies now offer highly specialized solutions. According to SignNow, an online signature for staffing companies makes it easier to turn around paperwork quickly and gain a competitive edge with candidates.

It is easy to see how streamlining the process, particularly after the decision has been made, will help you land the better candidate. The best ones will have already been swept up by faster moving companies. The longer you wait to sign, the less chance you will have of snagging the very best.

Streamline the Search

Counterintuitively, a broad search pattern means wasting a lot of time looking at candidates that don’t matter. You don’t want to look at every possible candidate for the job. You would never fill any position. You have to streamline your search to encompass those candidates with the best chance of having the best fit.

One way to do that is to use a service like ZipRecruiter, you can post to 50+ job boards with one submission. Good candidates already have their resume’ posted on sites all over the Internet. You don’t have to search for good candidates. You just need a mechanism to sort the ones that would likely be the best fit for your situation.

Streamline the Qualifications

You don’t need people with Bachelors degrees sorting mail. A high school diploma should be quite sufficient. Even that might be overkill. What does the job actually require. You need someone who can read and sort. There is a good chance all necessary skills were mastered by the 8th grade. So why does your job description require a four-year degree?

There are many reasons overqualified candidates are a poor fit. By streamlining the process, the search pattern, and the qualifications, you actually stand a much better chance of landing the closest thing to the perfect employee.