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The Importance of Having Productive Employees

productive-employees-top The Importance of Having Productive EmployeesEvery business aims to be the best in the industry it serves. But to be a cut above the rest, a business must have competitive advantage. There are four building blocks of competitive advantage: quality, efficiency, innovation, and responsiveness to customers. To survive, a business must cover the four elements mentioned. It must be superior at meeting all building blocks. Productive employees are key to this. How do they help?

Raise the Bar for Quality

It’s a fact that productive employees set high goals for themselves, and as a result, they accomplish more. They establish a precedent for the whole company. When employers recognize the efforts of high-performing employees, it will give them more incentive to continue performing well, elevating the quality of their work and, consequently, the company.

Employees can only grow when they’re given the chance to explore their potential. Employers must design ways to empower their employees to showcase their full knowledge and skills.

Increase Employee Morale

Productive employees’ high levels of motivation, energy, and enthusiasm in their work cascade to others and create a positive and conducive work environment. Employees can get burned out, stressed, and overwhelmed, but a positive work environment helps prevent these occurrences and counter their effects when they do happen.

What defines a positive work environment? Open communication, transparency, opportunities for growth, and due recognition are hallmarks of a positive work environment. In a research by Robert Half International Inc., the company found that a positive work environment is essential to ensuring employee satisfaction.

Benefits and incentives also help maintain employee satisfaction, resulting in better productivity. Employers must provide their personnel with free annual medical checkups to ensure that they’re clear of substances and conditions that may adversely affect their health and productivity.

Fringe benefits, like free gym memberships, creative activities, yoga classes and more, should also be offered to promote fitness and help maintain work-life balance.

Build a Culture of Innovation

A company’s survival depends on how they can remain relevant in these changing times. They must be able to adapt and innovate to meet the demands of their market.

While the market may dictate the needs of the times, companies lead the creation of inventions, systems, and processes and the innovation of old ones. And behind every innovative company are productive employees, who employ their creativity, expertise, and skills to enhance products and services and improve business and customer experience

Improve Customer Service and Relations

Customers keep the business running. Employees, especially those who personally interact with customers, have a lot to do with satisfying customers. When customers are satisfied with the service and goods they receive, it increases the possibility of them returning—something that’s essential to sustain any business.

Satisfied customers are also more likely to recommend businesses that they like. Nothing is more telling of a company’s superior products and services than satisfied and returning customers can. Still, customer dissatisfaction is unavoidable. In which case, the way employees handle a customer’s concern can make or break their experience with the company. Productive employees are the greatest assets when it comes to maintaining a company’s good reputation.

Give the Company a Competitive Advantage

Employees are the lifeblood of a company. They maintain the functions of every business—provide quality products and services, keep the business relevant, and work to achieve its mission and vision. For that purpose, employers must guarantee the productivity of their employees. They must see to it that employees are provided the right tools and trainings, a positive work environment, opportunities for career growth, due recognition and compensation, and more to keep them motivated, satisfied, and most of all, productive.

  • Hello, Todd! Thank you for the great tips. Even if your new ideas don’t work, trial and error is an excellent way to grow, improve, and be more productive.