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How to Live Stream- A complete beginners guide

livestream-tips How to Live Stream- A complete beginners guideLive streaming is the current trend in the market as far as video marketing is concerned. With simple equipment such as a smart phone, a considerably strong internet connection and live streaming software, it is now possible for any business or an individual to start streaming live from anywhere and at any time. Nevertheless, if one is aiming at streaming high quality content, then it is necessary to make use of a high definition camera, software or hardware encoder, capturing device and a host to stream the video.

With internet enabling almost everything, it has become very easy to stream content online without any hassles. Moreover, with many video streaming websites available in the market, streaming live has become easier. But if you are planning to start a video streaming site and maintain everything at your end, you are at the right place. Here is all you need to know about how to start a live streaming website and the live streaming software that have to be used to ensure a seamless live stream.

Let us start away with the equipment required to stream live:

  1. Camera:

Camera is one of the basic necessities required to start streaming live. Depending on the amount you are willing to spend, a camera can be a smartphone camera or a DSLR camera. However, if you are not willing to compromise on the quality of the video, it is recommended that you make use of professional cameras capable of shooting high definition videos.

  1. Capture Devices:

Capture devices can be either cards or plug-ins between the computer and the camera. More often than not, they are used to send input from the camera to a computer or to the live stream directly.

  1. Software or Hardware Encoders:

While the cameras record the content, encoders are used to transcode this recorded content received from a USB or a capture device. It is worth mentioning that software and hardware encoders are available for free and as open-source encoders. Even in this case, your budget decides the type of specifications your encoder includes.

  1. Internet connection:

As stated above, internet is compulsory to start streaming live. It is easy to connect a smart phone or a web camera and if you are making use of a video camera, it can be connected to a laptop using a transcoding device. To ensure that your live stream has no interruptions, it is highly recommended to have a strong internet connection.

  1. Video Streaming Host:

To put into simple words, a video streaming host is an online platform that provides enough bandwidth to accommodate video inputs from users across the world. All you have to do is to download the host and create an account. Doing this will enable the video streaming host to broadcast your video.


Now that we have discussed the equipment used for live streaming, let us now look at some important factors one needs to consider while live streaming:

  1. Content:

Preparing content to be streamed live is definitely a challenge. It is very important that you know your audience right and prepare the content relevant to your niche. Boring and unrelated content in the video might make your audience feel out of the place and they may eventually lose interest in your brand.

  1. User Interface:

Highly responsive and user-friendly streaming environment must be designed for use by the viewers. The interface must be designed to support any kind of device and must be compatible for use in any operating system. Quality should never be compromised in case of live streaming content.

  1. Promote your videos:

Marketing and promoting should be garnered more attention since you want to make your video as much reachable as you can. Below are few effective ways in which you can promote your content:

  1. Social media:

We all know how effectively social media works in marketing an event, given the number of users are in millions and even billions. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. can be used to make the users aware of your live stream event. Social media also include features like commenting and reacting to the live videos, which can get you instant response to your videos.

  1. Websites:

Maintaining a website that is purely dedicated towards updating your event schedules and posting other information related to the event can also help gather audience to your live stream.

  • Email Marketing:

Though it sounds formal, email marketing is one more effective way of promoting your event. Send across mails detailing the content you are planning to live stream and in case you have influential speakers talking in the live stream, list down their achievements. In this way, you can gather the right audience for your live videos.

Ensure that you consider all the above-mentioned things before you begin with live streaming. Choosing the most suitable option for your requirements can make live streaming effortless. Check our website to discover more interesting content about live streaming. Cheers!

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