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How Are Vaporizers Influencing Our Youth?

vapestory-top How Are Vaporizers Influencing Our Youth?Cigarettes were never old-fashioned, that was until E-cigs broke the scene. Smoking is more of a habit, and since the last few centuries, it has become something that people proud themselves on.

E-cigs are very similar to cigarettes despite having a whole different technology, as their appeal to young consumers, and how they treat it as a status quo. E-cigs boast an improved technology that is seemingly healthy.

The Role of Technology

I would say that technology has rather spoiled us. The modern life is very suited to instances; we rely on instant gratification and easy availability of information. We almost dismay anything that demands effort and consent.

Our young want everything instantly at any time, anywhere. They believe it is our right and this behavior has sowed a sense of self-entitlement. This is where e-cigs make their mark. They are literally the word convenience in smoking.

Living in a world of the electric vaporizer, old-school cigarettes are now referred as analog cigarettes. They are a onetime use item and make quite a mess. This qualifies them as inconvenient. Moreover, the smoker needs to find a distinctive spot to smoke in peace.

Is E-cigs the Better Alternative?

Electric Vaporizers hit the sweet spot of everything a smoker would kill for. First, they are a good source of nicotine; they don’t create a mess nor turn into garbage right after their use. The world is a bit more tolerant towards e-cigs, thanks to them being smokeless. They save money as a single cartridge lasts longer than one and a half cigarette pack.

They have fewer intervals. They don’t need lighters but do need chargers to recharge. There is no argument that the technology is simple and more user-friendly it satisfies the need for nicotine without the fuss but is they the improvement we have been looking for?

My Answer, Probably!

How it Influenced Young Generation?

E-cigs are very similar to traditional cigarettes when it comes to how they have influenced the youth. We see smoking veterans being diagnosed with lung issues and other ailments. This was the kick our younger generation needed to consider e-cigs as they savior.

Vaporizers do promote people to quit smoking tobacco. But are they doing it for their health or to substitute for an alternative? The latter is a probable reason, and although it’s relatively healthy, abuse of e-cigs is not helping.

Yes, as people see e-cigs helping with coughing fits or breathing issues. They treat it like medicine and use it more often in hopes they will improve their health. Whereas the truth is quitting smoking and changing to something less harmful only gave the body much needed change to repair itself.

Over time, the body successfully repaired itself on its own. It’s not like e-cigs promoted this change with additives and medicinal property. This made vaping ubiquitous, and it has developed into a culture, much like smoking.

So it won’t be wrong to say that history is repeating itself, and while vaping isn’t an issue now, it can be in the future keeping current trends continue.