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5 Ways to Make Your Website Easier to Navigate

website-tips-top 5 Ways to Make Your Website Easier to NavigateNobody can afford to be saddled with a cumbersome, difficult-to-navigate website. No matter if you’re starting up an EdTech website or marketing a new type of luer adapter online, your website needs to be efficient and easy to handle. A confusing or unresponsive website will deter visitors and potential customers or clients away faster than just about anything else. With that in mind, here are five simple tips to enhance any web page, and cut out any clutter you might have hanging around on your site:

The Bigger, the Better

Big images catch the eye and reduce the jumbled feeling that a page with many pictures and graphics can cause. Also, the bigger and better the image you use, the less work you have to do to create an engaging website around it. They don’t say a picture is worth a thousand words for nothing.

Service Your Site

It’s tedious, but checking to ensure your links are sending people where you need them is imperative to having a successful website. People won’t struggle in vain to find what they want from you –– they’ll go somewhere else. And remember to eliminate any links that don’t work anymore. Don’t send people to nonexistent pages; it’ll be a big detriment to the health of your site.


Analyze Analyze Analyze

Knowing what works and what doesn’t work about your website is crucial to improving it. To this end, you may need to consult a professional, but in most instances it should be worth it. Knowing what your customers appreciate is a great way to utilize that data to maximize your site. (And also knowing what to scale back is important in reducing clutter and making navigation easier.)


Placement is Key

If you’ve got a link to a service, blog, or product you want people to click on –– make sure that link is prominently placed on your site. Burying the best aspects of your work in a tucked-away footer will do nothing for you, and likely upset your visitors.


Words Matter

And so do the way they’re presented. Yes, you want good content on your site. That’s obvious, and any site will benefit from compelling, consistent writing. But the font you choose and the layout you decide to go with can be equally important. Picking a goofy font will make you look unprofessional. While picking a bland font won’t make your website any more “clickable.” There’s a healthy balance to find, and it’s worthing taking time out on.