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The Most Well Crafted Photoshop Print Design Tutorials

Print designs include any graphics created for printing onto a physical medium. Shirts, mugs, tote bags, and advertising media are all common examples of print designs that can be made with the popular graphic design software Adobe Photoshop. In order to get started crafting your own tangible designs, you should follow some of these well-crafted tutorials. These tutorials were created by industry experts and will get you started making impressive print designs in just a few short steps.

1. Creating T-Shirt Designs in Photoshop

Almost everyone has wished they could easily print their own t-shirt or hoodie at some point. Well, if you have basic Photoshop skills and about an hour, now you can. This well-crafted tutorial will walk you through creating printable designs that you can easily transfer to cotton t-shirts and other clothing. Follow this guide to learn every step of the process including which printing materials you’ll need and how to properly format your design.

2. Photoshop Print Designs for Tote Bags

Custom printed shopping bags are a big hit among consumers and companies looking to give away swag, or free advertorial merchandise, today. Tote bags are relatively cheap to produce and printing your own graphics on one can be impressive and rewarding. Follow this video guide to create Photoshop designs and print them onto canvas shopping bags.

3. Create Flyers and Posters in Photoshop

This simple video tutorial will help you create printable flyers, posters, and advertisements using just Adobe Photoshop CS6 and some photos or stock images. You can use the materials you’ll create through this tutorial to advertise your business through paper mailers or flyers you can hand out at events. This guide includes everything you need to know about creating readable text and eye-catching graphics.

4. Making Album Covers in Photoshop

Independent artists and mix tape makers alike are often in need of custom album cover designs that can be easily printed. Follow this guide to create professional album covers for the CDs you’re collecting or selling. This is a great place to start if you want to create custom album work that conforms to standard jewel case dimensions.

5. Print Ready Documents in Photoshop

This is a great general tutorial for creating any print-ready document. This is perfect for those wanting to make advertisements, flyers, mailers, and other artistic or informative documents. Using Adobe Photoshop to create this type of document can give you several advantages, such as the easy inclusion and editing of stock photos and typographical styling. If you’re going to start a blog or other venture where you need to draw traffic, consider printing a few a flyers you create during this tutorial to mail to interested parties.

6. Tutorial for Creating Coffee Cups in Photoshop

All you need to follow this tutorial is Adobe Photoshop CS6 or higher, and an idea for your coffee cup design. After watching this video tutorial and following the resources and tips provided, you’ll be making custom coffee cups for family, friends, and your businesses in no time. This guide includes instructions for proper fitting and resolution to make a high-quality print on any cup or mug.

7. Vintage 60’s Poster for Printing

This tutorial will guide you through creating an artful, vintage poster reminiscent of the 1960’s. The final product will work great for music and other event advertising. Use the filters and effects shown in the tutorial to create rippled, tie-dye effects worthy of printing on regular or supersized posters.

8. Creating Printable Book Covers in Photoshop

This tutorial will walk you through the surprisingly easy process of making a printable book cover in Photoshop. The final product can serve as your e-book cover or can be printed onto a physical book through a standard commercial printer. Learn how to create effective and stunning typography and make your book covers professionally by following this well-crafted tutorial.

9. How to Make Business Cards in Photoshop

Every graphic designer, professional, and worker in the service industry should have a well-designed business card to hand out when networking. This tutorial provides everything you need to know to create your own printable business cards. Follow this guide to impress potential clients with your own designs, and save money in the process.

10. Printable Magazine Covers in Photoshop

If you want to start a blog or online magazine, then you’ll find this well-crafted

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