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How will HIPAA Compliant Texting Shape the Health Industry?

hipa-texting-top How will HIPAA Compliant Texting Shape the Health Industry?Text messaging is an effective and powerful tool when it comes to the exchange of information. It’s quick and affordable; however when it comes to confidential information, proper steps should be taken to assure its safety. This is where HIPAA comes in.

Following, we are going to explain this act and its relevancy.

Introduction to HIPAA Compliant Texting

This is a texting app used by health professionals including nurses, doctors, and other hospital employees to change PHI (Personal Health Information) of patients going through treatment by the institute.

This exchange of information remains under protection by an act of Congress, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) introduced in 1996. Failure of conduct by anyone (probably the professional) can result in a fine.


If a health facility wants to use HIPAA Compliant Texting, should find a HIPAA texting product that assures every text is encrypted and secured. When a facility introduces this system, it should employ some safeguards to protect electronic PHI.

The Health Department makes it clear that any health care facility looking to adopt this system should meet the following requirements:

  • The exchange of information should be protected against several threats that may compromise the integrity of data
  • There should be no disclosure of exchange messages or information
  • All data must be erased if the app gets lost or stolen

HIPAA Texting offers many benefits to both patients and health professionals. But it is required that both parties take several measures to assure the security of their information.

How it Affects Patient-Doctor Relation?

There are many instant messaging apps. The idea is quickly adopted as it offers an easy way to communicate with health professionals. However, it comes with a risk of privacy issues even for professionals trying to stay HIPAA Compliant.

Texting a health professional for medical concerns, or test results do offer instant advice as per your convenience. It’s an alternative to visiting the doctor in person with being a trustable channel to communicate with the physician as compared to a phone-call or e-mail.

HIPAA Compliant Texting is bringing a vital change to the lives of patients with effective communication in health care. This app helps patient exchange information without the risk of compromising their confidential information.

With this technology, the patient doesn’t need to wait for follow-visit. They can easily share test results, questions, and concerns are knowing their data is safe.

Texting vs. Face-to-Face Meeting

Research on secure messing or e-visits shows patients ended up visiting their physician more often. It shows the HIPAA Texting helped improve the patient-doctor relation.


HIPAA Texting introduces a new way of communication. Therefore, it’s important to improve the security of such apps to encourage a prompt response from medical health professionals. While this method of communication offers certain benefits, it doesn’t overshadow the importance of physical examination.

In the end, HIPAA Texting offers many benefits, but it doesn’t beat down a proper visit to your doctor. Therefore, it’s upon the patient to make good use of such apps without abusing their benefits.

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