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Wrike’s Collaborative Project Management Software Has 4 Integrations You Need

The key to managing a project effectively is to bring all members of a team together. Collaboration is a cross-functional effort that can encompass personnel from a wide variety of roles and capacities including sales, marketing, IT, customer/client services, design, operations, product development and more. A collaborative project management software must offer the functionality to engage and facilitate all of these various functions. That’s where Wrike and its wide scope of integrations is of significant benefit.

Each function, each department, and each location will have their own preference for productivity apps and switching apps can be a real pain.

The popularity of Wrike as one of the more powerful tools for agile project management is continuously increasing thanks to the ever-expanding list of integrations with the world’s favourite productivity apps. They’re adding new integrations at a rapid rate – the following are four recent integrations you may have missed.

  1. Microsoft Teams
    ms-teams-wrikes Wrike’s Collaborative Project Management Software Has 4 Integrations You Need
    You asked and Wrike provided! One of their most recent integration additions is with Microsoft Teams and trust us; it’s powerful. Office 365’s chat workspace is used by Office365’s 85million+ active users worldwide and is a key tool in many SMEs and large enterprises, enabling businesses to connect conversations and turn them into tasks.Now those 85million+ users can build projects within Teams and see those same tasks in Wrike as well as viewing project timelines in Gantt chart format since Wrike is also a Gantt chart maker. Wrike notifications even appear within Teams chats.Utilise this new integration and you’ll be able to easily turn conversations into structured work, which will lead to the inevitability of accomplishing so much more with Microsoft Teams and Wrike.
  2. TimeCamp
    timecamp Wrike’s Collaborative Project Management Software Has 4 Integrations You Need
    Staying on top of a project timeline and enabling maximum productivity requires the efficient and effective management of time. Time tracking software is essential for project teams, no matter the project or industry.TimeCamp is undoubtedly one of the most utilised online scheduling software solutions, particularly for SMEs, consultants and freelancers, with free plans for single users.

    Now, Wrike users can accelerate team and project performance by using the TimeCamp integration to track the time spent on each and every task. That’s one less heavily utilised tool to sign in and out of each day.

  3. Outlook Actionable Messages
    outlook-actionable Wrike’s Collaborative Project Management Software Has 4 Integrations You Need
    Wrike’s integration with Outlook 365 has further strengthened in 2017 with the introduction of Outlook Actionable Messages. Actionable messages ensure that Office 365 users can take actions on tasks within other applications from within their Outlook email account.Outlook is likely open all day long on your desktop. These new actionable messages enable you to receive important Wrike notifications and makes changes in Wrike without having to navigate away from Outlook.

    Navigating from tools and having to log in and out of different systems affects productivity. That’s why this integration with Outlook Actionable Messages is incredibly powerful. The ability to perform simple tasks such as changing due dates, updating tasks and adding further instructions to task cards right within the email notification that has landed in your Outlook 365 e-mail account. Those actions are then immediately applied in Wrike without having to access the tool.

  4. Quickbooks
    quickbooks-wrike Wrike’s Collaborative Project Management Software Has 4 Integrations You Need

    Quickbooks is a versatile platform that’s widely used for payroll, accounting, and POS requirements. It’s used by millions of business owners around the world who want to manage their finances online. Quickbooks have a number of products but regardless of which program you run, you can be sure that it will integrate smoothly with Wrike’s online task management software to increase your efficiency.What are the benefits? Integrate Wrike with your Quickbooks and Wrike will automatically create new projects within the app when you add new clients to your Quickbooks. As well as saving business owners a significant amount of time when it comes to creating client accounts, this one feature will ensure that your customer databases are synced across both platforms.

    It’s made possible with Zapier and with more than this feature available, it’s easy to see why Quickbook users are getting so much peace of mind from this welcome addition to Wrikes forever list of integrations.

    Some of Wrike’s other useful apps and integrations include;

    • Github
    • JIRA
    • Wrike Everywhere (chrome extension)
    • MS Project
    • MS Excel
    • SAML Integration
    • Salesforce
    • Evernote
    • Wufoo
    • HipChat
    • WordPress
    • Slack
    • HubSpot
    • LinkedIN
    • Marketo
    • Google Sheets
    • Survey Monkey
    • Bitium
    • AND MORE!


    And as Wrike continues to expand its list of apps and integrations, it continues to subsequently expand the potential productivity capabilities of its users. Now with 30+ integrations in place, as well as its Android and iOS project management app, it’s becoming difficult to find a collaboration and productivity tool that doesn’t integrate well with Wrike!

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