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Brad Feld To Highlight Tampa Bay Startup Week

Tampa Bay Startup Week, February 13-17 Features Brad Feld


Tampa_Powered_by_Chase_for_Business-e1485910467834 Brad Feld To Highlight Tampa Bay Startup Week

When you think startups, startup communities and startup ecosystems one name definitely comes to mind and that is, Brad Feld. The long haired, borderline hippie Feld, has been an entrepreneur his entire life.

He started Feld Technologies, his first startup company while he was still a student at MIT in 1987. He had his first acquisition a few years later in 1993 when his technology company was acquired by Ameridata. After the acquisition he became the CTO of teh company, the only time he worked for someone else.

Feld experienced a startup failure with his company Interliant during the dotcom boom. After that he regrouped and became one of the forces that shaped the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Boulder Colorado. It was there that he created two VC firms, the Foundry Group and co-founded Techstars.

Through his VC funds Feld has invested in numerous technology startups. He’s had big wins with companies like Fitbit, which he almost didn’t get into. He’s also participated in funding rounds for Zynga (remember them), Harmonix and Makerbot.

Feld-Startup-Linkedin Brad Feld To Highlight Tampa Bay Startup Week

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The last several years he’s been one of the most outspoken advocates for starting up everywhere else. He regularly keynotes talks in startup communities from Arkansas to Wisconsin and everywhere in between. He literally wrote the book on Startup Communities.

In just a few weeks Feld will be speaking at Tampa Bay Startup Week. In the midst of Startup Week season, Tampa Bay’s week long event happens from February 13th-17th.

Feld is one of many speakers slated for the event. Ryan Ross the Executive Vice President of Marketing and Digital Commerce for HSN is also in the lineup as is Startup Tampa Bay Founder, Trey Steinhoff.

Tampa Bay Startup Week kicks off Monday February 13th with “How To Style In React and Not Lose Friends”. Session topics include; raising capital, coding, legal workshops, growing your startup, cybersecurity and many more.

The complete schedule and speaker lineup can be found here at