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15 Clever Website Headers for Design Inspiration

Wondering where you should start after you’ve set up your domain and WordPress hosting? Coming up with your site’s header is the perfect way to set the right tone for the rest of the design. While you may be thinking about designing a standard header graphic, there’s actually a lot more you can do. Here are some 15 examples of clever and creative headers to inspire your design.

1. Black Moon Design

This game developer does a great job of appealing to their target audience – gamers! The header is made to look like a retro game. It uses older pixel style graphics and uses unique characters and atmospheric elements to immerse you in a two dimensional world. It’s a great example of playing into your site’s theme.

2. Ryan Cherf

This designer uses a beautiful paper mache style background for his header graphic. He centers his name as the headline with a cartoon style avatar and lists links to all his contacts and social media profiles. The design is utterly simple but really pleasing to look at. It really wakes you up due to the unconventional style.

3. Mospromstroy

How would you show off your past projects to your clients? This construction company used their header to present a visual overview of all the buildings they’ve worked on. They even include a slider to browse through all of the buildings they’ve built. Not only is this header design clever, it has a strong impact on their target audience.

4. DQuinn

Daniel Quinn is a designer that has set up with a professional blog with an edgy header graphic. It uses a splash header with various ink and paint effects. The navigation links are also set in the center and aligned at an angle. What really hits it home is the ink bleeding and blots make its way down to the main page.

5. Lord Likely

Lord Likely is a retro themed blog based on a fictional character. It uses a Western font and paper background. The layout makes it look like an old school newspaper which can often fail horribly. However, the character avatar and unique typography featured in the header really sets the tone for the rest of the blog.

6. Hullabalu

Instead of making the header a separate element of the website, this website integrates it into one large image. It’s a children’s storybook, so a beautiful animation is used for the presentation. Since it’s a darker background, a light colored font is used for the brand logo and for the navigation menu text.

7. Marchand de Trucs

This beautiful magic website uses an inviting header graphic to welcome you to the site. The header graphic is set up to be the front of a hotel. There is a sign that features the name of the website and an inn keeper in the center. It is another great example of using the theme to determine your website graphics.

8. Culinary Culture

Culinary culture uses a beautifully designed header for their food blog. The logo uses strong typography that features a wine glass for the ‘Y’. The typography is set in a stylish sign and a mountain of raw food ingredients are piled up on top of it. In this design, the small details like the wine cork being blown off and the ribbons make all the difference.

9. Everywhereist

The Everywhereist is a blog and website for a travel based author and writer. It uses a stylish and charming typography set in the middle of the header. The navigation is actually made of doodle style icons related to the web page. There’s nothing elaborate here but the custom designs really make it feel like a blog you want to dig in to.

10. Deborah Cavenaugh

Deborah Cavenaugh is an artist known for her vibrant watercolor paintings. Instead of trying to feature herself on the header graphic or use a minimal approach, she uses her art. The header is actually made up of her artwork. It makes for the perfect presentation for the rest of her site and featured art.

11. Cheestique

Cheestique is a Virginia based local specialty cheese shop. They play into the mom and pop feel by using animations for their header and a friendly company avatar. Their social media links are featured on the right side of the header and are actually animations made to look like wine bottles. This design is all about

adding personality.

12. Wanderlust Project

If you plan on using typography for most or all of your header, try experimenting with typography. The wanderlust project uses an expressive typography that really works well with the theme of the blog. Put in the time to experimenting with different typefaces. It may even be a good idea to come up with a custom one yourself.

13. Cartoon Network Asia

The Cartoon Network has always been known for their unique approach design. Their website is no different. Instead of using a navigation menu made up of text links, they allow users to navigate using cartoon icons. This design is fun, quirky and works perfectly with their audience.

14. Teamgeek

Teamgeek has one of the most unique and engaging header graphics you’ll ever come across. They use a simple logo except it’s made out “sand.” When you hover your mouse over an area, the sand is spread out. If you’re looking for an original idea after installing and setting up your WordPress hosting, you may want to take this design approach and use it in a smaller header.

15. Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix’s website is beautifully designed. It uses psychedelic and tie dye style art to decorate around the borders of the header and footer. Instead of using bright colors that detract away from the content, a cooler color scheme is used and balanced out with white space for a beautiful presentation.

Inspired yet? There are many other great examples of headers that really step outside the box. Don’t relegate yourself to using standard header designs. You’ll be surprised at what you can come up with by challenging yourself.