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3 Little Known Tips On How To Start Your Start Up

If you’re fed up working for a corporate job where you’re not earning as much as you’d like and feel that you’re completely wasting your time doing work that you have no interest in, then you might just be an entrepreneur.

While the first thing you need to become an entrepreneur is an overwhelming desire to break away from the fetters of a 9-to-5 job, the second thing is a bold vision on what type of startup to launch. You don’t need any old idea to start a business; you need an exceptionally good one. For your business to be successful, you need to find a hungry crowd.

How do you come up with a winning idea for a startup? In an infographic created for Funders and Founders based on the famous 2005 essay by the legendary Paul Graham, author Anna Vital offers the following suggestion for coming up with an entrepreneurial vision: “See what is missing in the world. You probably noticed that before Uber, taxi rides weren’t enjoyable. You probably noticed that before SpaceX people were less interested in space. But that is already the past. What is missing now? More importantly what is missing from your life now?”

After you have your big “aha” moment, she suggests that your next steps should be to write it down, build a prototype, show the prototype to 100 people, iterate, find a co-founder, and register your business.

Once you’ve launched your business, here are three services that your startups will want to outsource:

1. Digital forensics

Small businesses are often victims of electronic abuse at work from new employees. However, these can often be hard to spot. One way to protect your interests is to hire a digital forensics firm to find out if a computer-savvy employee is undermining your interests. Organizations like Califorensics can investigate any number of acts of malfeasance that firewall software, keystroke trackers, and other simple tools won’t be able to detect. Unlike untrained IT staff or amateur forensic contractors, who might overlook or destroy key evidence, a professional organization has precise tools, follows a proven methodology, and abides by a code of conduct laid down by state and federal laws. Consequently, any evidence of malfeasance they find will stand up in court. Moreover, an investigator can also serve as expert witness explaining their findings to the court and support your reasons for your an unscrupulous employee.

Some common scenarios include time wasting on the web, visiting pornographic or gaming websites, revealing proprietary information in emails to a competitor, committing fraud, undermining your company’s computer security to assist third party hackers, or maligning your business’s reputation online.

While you might suspect these or other forms of malfeasance, you can’t simply fire someone based on an intuition. You will need evidence that is admissible in a court of law.

2. Customer support

Every business understands the value of providing excellent customer support. While many businesses pay lip service to the idea, others make a valiant effort to provide first-rate customer service. However, sometimes good intentions are not enough and it’s necessary to learn and apply the right principles.

With that in mind, here are 5 ways to provide outstanding customer service:

  • 1. Respond to every customer, and do it as quickly as possible, preferably in real time.
  • 2. Use feedback from your social media platforms to improve your business.
  • 3. Create teams to deal with difficult customer problems rather than place the burden on a single employee to come up with the most appropriate response.
  • 4. Develop employee training programs to improve customer service knowledge and skills.
  • 5. Learn from both positive and negative customer feedback to improve your services.

3. Recruiter services

Finally, the best way to run a great company is to hire top talent. However, hiring the right people isn’t as simple as placing hiring ads, scanning resumes, and conducting interviews. It’s often better to outsource recruiting services than trying to do the work yourself. Professional recruiters not only use a wide range of techniques to source talent, but they have also developed an intuition for deciding between candidates who can talk a good game and those who can actually perform well on the job.

These tips will help you prepare for a crisis should your new business becoming the victim of scams or hacks, keep customers happy, and find the right people to take your business to the next level.