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4 Services You Can Outsource To Cut Costs

The word “outsourcing” conjures up many negative images in today’s society. We picture hundreds – or thousands – of people losing their jobs, or having their jobs shipped overseas. And while this has certainly happened, outsourcing a job is not always a terrible thing. In many instances, outsourcing some small business tasks allows you to turn a profit, and in turn keep the rest of your employees on. So while political candidates may make speeches about evil companies outsourcing American jobs, those in the business community know that the issue is not always so black and white.

If you’re a business owner or manager who is looking to reduce some of your costs, outsourcing is perhaps the way to go. There are now many different functions of your business that can be outsourced, allowing your company to save money and produce better results. Here are just a few of the services your company can outsource elsewhere.

Customer Service

One of the most common areas for outsourcing is in the customer service department. Rather than hiring a team of employees to work with your customers, this task can be outsourced to others. Outsourcing your customer service is a good idea under a few conditions. For starters, if you run a small business, and your team is not great at customer support, it is a good idea to let others handle it. Or, if you have so many forms of communication – such as a website, phone lines and social media – that you can’t keep up, allowing a service that handles all of these at once to do it for you is a load off your shoulders.

Customer interactions are important, so don’t outsource this just for the sake of costs. Only do it if you can still provide your customers with a good experience, and save some money in the process.


Another common option for businesses is to outsource their marketing. There is a lot that goes into marketing a business, and if you don’t do it the right way, you could end up wasting money on marketing campaigns that are not yielding adequate results. Rather than throwing money away, let another company handle the operations for you.

Expert marketing companies will know the best way to get your business recognized, and make sure that you are spending your allocated budget wisely. No more worrying about placing ads in newspapers, or tracking how many Facebook followers you have. You worry about your product, and let someone else worry about marketing it.

Order Fulfillment

If your company sells a product online, there is a lot that you need to do. Once you processed the order, you need to have a system in place that relays it, and a team in place that can get the product out. This is a lot of work, and another area that often sees money wasted. Many of the operations may be simple, but if you try to do them yourself, you either end up wasting time or hiring extra employees because the tasks are time consuming. Look for an E-commerce fulfillment company to handle this for you, and see how much money you can save.

Tech Support

Most businesses these days require some amount of technology to operate. And while technology is a major advantage, and is essential for most of the work we want to do, it almost inevitably breaks down at some point. Rather than hiring a full-time employee to monitor your IT setup – someone who just sits around waiting for something to go wrong – you can hire an outside company. There are IT support companies who are on-hand to answer any questions, or to help you with any problems when they arise. While you may not get the same response time as someone who is already in your office, you could save your company a lot of money, making it a worthy inconvenience.

Know When To Outsource

Not every outsourcing option is right for every company. Small businesses will have different needs than large ones, and only you can know what is right for yous. You need to examine your own needs, and decide which operations are best left to others. By finding areas that you can outsource, you can reduce your business operational costs, and hopefully keep your business profitable for a long time.