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5 Things We Learned About Atlas Recall, They Might Not Even Know

Atlas Recall Is Hands Down The Best Software We’ve Added To The Team

Atlas-Recall-Top 5 Things We Learned About Atlas Recall, They Might Not Even Know

Most of you know that has been the voice of startups everywhere else since 2011. We were first, specifically covering startups outside Silicon Valley. Before we founded the first consumer facing Android site in the world, and through all of those years, we’ve tried hundreds of software tools. We try new tools because we like new things. We also try to at least get a grasp of every platform we cover. Such is the case with Atlas Recall, a startup that we did a Collision preview about, late last week.

Collision is your photographic memory for your digital life. Outside of the information found on their website, here are some things we are using it for at

Keep in mind I’m a staunch privacy advocate, I had to put all that aside and jump head first into it.

Remote Performance Tracking

We have a handful of intern writers and a paid staff of 12. We tend to pay on the higher side and our entire team is remote. By having our writers install Atlas Recall on their computers, and having access to their Atlas account management can quickly check out what they’ve been doing on their company issues computer, remotely and at anytime. While we can use this for monitoring and performance tracking, this is a valuable performance tool that we will cover later.

Document collaboration

We’ve tried so many different document collaboration startups. Now many people believe that real time collaboration is the route to go. Those people don’t actually collaborate, they just think it sounds neat. Anyone who’s actually tried real time collaboration knows what a clusterfuck it truly is. Who’s writing in what color, who’s erasing, wait stop I’m editing. These are all things we see come across our Flock messenger while “real time collaborating”.

With non-realtime collaboartion it may seem that attaching that Micorosoft document is the way to go, attach it to an email and go ahead and participate in an email chain that’s 550 messages long.

With Atlas Recall we can quickly take a look at the document and if it needs changing it, open it up device side, edit it and get it back. Using Atlas Recall we can have this collaboration on any kind of document, period.

Remote Filing

This is a really fun one. We had a reporter on-site in New Orleans yesterday and we have a couple of guys at different events across the country. Using Atlas Recall we can have the team collaborate with one another in almost real time. Our copy editor can see when an assignment editor is wrapping up and then know to jump into word press and get it done. We can also see all of the supporting documents and all of the research that took place. If one of our assignment editors took 20 pics and posted a story with one, we can quickly check out recall and see those other pics on photoshop and maybe make a suggestion.


Bibliography, citations, attribution

Did we get a mean email in our info@ mailbox because an overzealous reporter at another site things we stole their stuff. Our reporter can easily access their digital life through Atlas and quickly send us all the backwork for the story. If they can’t do it, we can remotely.

This is what we’ve discovered since last Thursday. Let us use it through Collision and next week at TechCrunch Disrupt and we may have even more to add to this list.