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86Borders: Connecting companies and consumers

One of the largest problems that businesses – of all shapes and sizes – face is how to effectively communicate with individuals and organizations outside of the business. This communication is a delicate balancing act. Too much and you could drive away customers or users; too little and the same applies. Think of UPS or FedEx as an example. These logistics companies are excellent at providing their customers with package tracking info, up until it is actually in a truck, on the way to be delivered. Once the drive has the package, you are essentially in the dark. They may provide you with some loose potential delivery times – somewhere between 2:00 – 6:00 for example. The same sort of thing applies to food delivery as well. Well, we had the chance to talk with a company that wants to help businesses stay connected with customers through the last mile: 86Borders. The 86 in the name comes from restaurant slang: 86 meaning to get rid of something. Essentially, then, the company aims to get rid of borders.

No-Borders 86Borders: Connecting companies and consumers

In its simplest form, 86Borders is a communications and location platform. The power of the platform, however, lies in its ability to greatly expand and contract, depending on users’ needs. Think of 86Borders as a platform built around tiered groups. Within these groups, users are given various permission-level roles, allowing different levels of access to information. So, for example, a delivery service could allow all of their customers a viewable-level permission. The customers could then log in and view where their package is, and when it will arrive.

Communication and visibility, two words that sum up the philosophy of 86Borders. However, don’t let the lack of a verbose summarization mislead you into thinking that 86Borders has little to offer. The company’s services are vast, unique, and, most importantly, potentially limitless. 86Borders is able to take the complex, unique, and the disparate and seamlessly blend them all into one simple platform. This is the reason behind the platform’s limitless potential. By offering a blend of so many services in one package, 86Borders is able to potentially accommodate any customer’s needs.1

Right now, the company is focused on building out the platform in several different verticals, so as to shed light on some of the possibilities. These verticals include:

  • Logistics – This is, perhaps, the area that has the most potential for 86Borders. Though, again, there is a whole host of functionality beyond mapping and communications, the logistics industry is in dire need of such a platform. There is a great need for a more refined user-company communications platform.
  • Food delivery – This vertical follows the same sort of path as logistics. Once people order food, they are more or less, in the dark as to when it will arrive. Sure, restaurants are able to provide you with a rough estimate, but 86Borders has the power to tell you when a delivery driver, say, turns on your street.
  • Healthcare – This vertical is a little more complex. Here is a scenario we were given by the team: imagine someone who is in the hospital needs to take regular doses of aspirin. Well, as is often the case, the hospital pharmacy can charge upwards of $5-10 for every dose. Oftentimes, a nurse or doctor will recommend that a patient or patient’s family member just go buy a bottle of aspirin from CVS or another pharmacy. The idea is that there could be an iPad, or some other device, in each room that the patient could enter in any medication or food that they ingest. That way, if the patient purchased, say, Tylenol instead of aspirin, the hospital would be aware of such a development.
  • Utility services – Again, this vertical is very similar to logistics and food delivery. How many times have you had to wait hours for cable, electric, or water repairmen. Well, the same goes for this vertical, what if you could know exactly when the repairmen will be there.

86Borders is primed to help companies take on the last mile of communications. It will be interesting to watch the verticals, and the company as a whole evolve.

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