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9 Year Old Talks Cash Money With Bulb App [SXSWedu]

Tatum Interviews One of The Erics From Bulb And Cuts Right To The Chase

Bulb App is one of the finest, if not the finest, digital, multimedia portfolio platform available. The company allows students and teachers to create online portfolios to not only warehouse their work but manifest their education experience from K-12 and beyond.

Now a student with a Bulb can easily take their work from one school to another. They can hold onto their work far past their high school graduation and show it off in interviews and in the job market.

Bulb-SXSWedu-Top 9 Year Old Talks Cash Money With Bulb App [SXSWedu]

Bulb also allows users to control who sees what. That way a student can create a school work section to share with teachers and an art section to share with friends and fans. They can elect to save their athletic accomplishments in one Bulb to make it easier for recruiters. The possibilities are limitless using Bulb.

Bulb just got better

Bulb just added the ability to embed any Microsoft content into their drag and drop portfolios. Whether you have native power point slides, word documents, spread sheets, or One Notes, if it’s Microsoft it’s fully compatible with Bulb and they make it super easy to harness the creative design tools built in to make the Mircosoft embedded content look completely fluid.

For this contest, bulb is asking educators and students to submit their best bulb page, or to create a new bulb page expressing their latest learning, ideas, or artistic creations.

“We’ve learned that the minute people use bulb digital portfolios they can’t get enough of it,” said Eric Goldreyer, CEO and co-founder of bulb. “There are hundreds of thousands of students and teachers using bulb to create all sorts of amazing content. Imagine your very own place where you create, share, and showcase the things that matter the most to you. Not to forget, you can also enjoy the amazing work of others. I think what people like the most about bulb is that it’s yours. All of your hard work, your creativity, your best stuff stays with you for a lifetime.”

Steps to Participate


  1. Create a bulb page as a student, educator, or administrator. (If you don’t already have a bulb account, sign up for a FREE bulb trial account here)
  2. Share the URL of your bulb page on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #ShareYourSmarts anytime during the month of March.
  3. The Twitter or Instagram post with the most number of likes and retweets combined wins the $1,000 grand prize scholarship.

The contest is open to all pre-K through college students, as well as educators and school administrators who create a bulb page. The grand prize is a $1,000 scholarship, and for every 1,000 retweets and likes on posts using the hashtag, bulb will select another winner (up to 10) to receive a $500 scholarship towards continuing education and other school resources.


Eligible tweets and posts must be posted to Instagram or Twitter between March 1, 2017, and March 31, 2017. Contest participants do not have to attend SXSWedu to win, but bulb invites all participants who are attending to visit the bulb booth. Winners will be contacted directly via Instagram/Twitter direct private message by Monday, April 3.
Participants are evaluated on style, and use of bulb features like images, videos, attachments and embeds. Tips on how to create better bulb pages can be found here.