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Dump Truck Operators, Dauber Is What You’ve Been Looking For

San Antonio Startup Dauber Is Dumping The Headaches Of Dump Truck Operators

Dauber-Top-1 Dump Truck Operators, Dauber Is What You've Been Looking For

The dump truck industry is larger than you may think.  According to IBISWorld there are over 14,900 dump truck businesses equating to a $17 billion dollar industry. There are over one million loads per day delivered by dump trucks.

Brian Jones, co-founder of San Antonio startup Dauber, says “The dump truck industry has not changed much in decades. A million loads per day are still managed by phone calls and paper tickets. This results in frustrated customers who don’t know the status of their trucks at any time, hours wasted handling paper tickets and invoices, and no coordination between truck companies.”

Take a look around the tech space and you’ll see that trucking in general is behind other industries when it comes to technology. Sure there are moonshots out there trying to create electric and autonomous trucks, but when it comes to the day to day management of the industry, there hasn’t been a lot of change.

There are logistics startups out there like FourKites, which help companies manage their freight loads. There’s a lot of loss when it comes to mismanaged freight. Disappearing containers and delayed shipments can equate to massive losses in dollars. Dump Trucks are in the same boat, they also have other important factors, like the weather, that can play into the successful haul. That load of 15 trucks worth of fill dirt can turn into fill mud, if someone reads a hand written ticket wrong.

Take that same load of 15 trucks, if paperwork gets lost in the shuffle, and only 12 trucks arrived, there could be a huge delay in a project.

Dauber gives fleet operators real-time visibility into their truck activity. Our Driver app, with digital signatures and ticketing, eliminates paper work and our Customer app allows all parties to see the status of trucks at all times.Ultimately, Dauber brings trucking operators and their jobs together on one network to optimize their routing, get more work and make more money.”  Jones said.

Dauber-2 Dump Truck Operators, Dauber Is What You've Been Looking For

Jones isn’t the latest hot shot kid who’s come out of a college entrepreneurship class with some idea to revolutionize the dump truck industry. He spent 20+ years as a general contractor. During that time he and his colleagues knew the dump truck was a “necessary evil” and a “pain in the ass”. The hypotheticals I suggested above are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to errors in the dump truck industry. What’s worse is the drivers aren’t to blame, they’re just following directions from one place to another. It’s the people on each side of the load that need to be on the same page. Imagine getting 20 tons of red clay delivered over 20 tons of sand.

“It turns out the cause of my frustration was an industry that was severely fragmented with thousands of small truck operators, a lack of communication between contractors and trucks, and virtual no adoption of the technology tools that had shown improvements in other transportation industries.” Jones said.

As they were creating Dauber, Jones along with team members; Ward Dow, Travis Jones, Dr. Josh Lospinoso and Jay Heck found that a lot of the same issues freight line trucking companies were having, were relevant in the dump truck industry as well.

“We originally set off to learn the root causes of the industry’s problems. To do so, we interviewed dozens of contractors and truck operators. We even became a federally licensed truck broker and started providing hauling services the “old fashioned way” to learn how everything worked. We installed GPS units in 40 trucks and watched them drive from job to job over a 10 week period. What we found was that trucks were only making money 48% of their time (loading, driving loaded and unloading). The rest of the time they were driving empty or simply parked. We took the same “real world” jobs we observed and applied an algorithm to simulate the potential efficiency with Dauber. The result is that trucks could increase their money making to 72% of the time!” Jones explained.

Now, through the implementation of Dauber, trucks can increase their average loads per day from 5 to 8 which creates a huge opportunity for truck operators.

They’re not alone in seeing this huge opportunity. San Antonio based GeekDom fund has invested in the company as well as the new RealCo accelerator. Dauber is one of the first startups in the RealCo Accelerator program.

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