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Fuzic Gives Your Business It’s Own, On Demand, Radio Station

Indiana Startup Fuzic, Is The future Of Muzak

Fuzic-top Fuzic Gives Your Business It's Own, On Demand, Radio Station

Are you a business owner of any kind? Do you really understand the importance of the music or audio played in your business? There’s case studies on it, degrees in it, and a handful of companies that say they know what’s best. The bottom line though, is that whatever is playing on the speakers in your business is far more important than you think.

Local Radio

Hit up any boardwalk or beach side area in the United States and chances are you’re going to hear the local top 40 radio station. The same is true with Z100 in New York and just about every independently owned small business in Times Square. Think about that scenario for a second though, you’re trying to move tens of thousands of dollars worth of cameras, jewelry, electronics or clothing and you’re hearing commercial after commercial for the next Jingle Bell concert or the ambulance chaser with the biggest budget.

You may lose customers if inappropriate songs come on. Customers may tune out if  you hit one of those six minute in a row commercial sets.  While your local radio station’s ad rep will tell you how important it is to keep the local station on, they’re wrong. It’s not for your business.


Muzak has been around since the 1920’s. It’s the piped in music that’s commonly referred to as elevator music. Nowadays they have several different channels that play several different types of music. The business pays royalties through a Muzak subscription. This is all well and good except again it’s just Muzak. If you’re inclined to play the instrumental remakes of today’s contemporary hits than you may have to worry about customers cutting their ears off or throwing up in your bathrooms. Outside of that, you again have no say in the songs that are playing and there’s nothing to support or promote your business.

Brent Oakley and his Fisher’s Indiana startup, Fuzic.

Oakley found the need for Fuzic at his car wash businesses. He had tried a variety of things to please his customers while they were waiting for their cars to get cleaned. He found that while there were some solutions, none gave him the ability to promote his business. He, like many others, has a captive audience for the length of time it takes the vehicles to get cleaned and detailed. That can amount to an hour plus in a waiting room.

Fuzic, uses an uber style model to connect businesses with custom music and messaging. “The idea is to connect businesses with music and voice talent “anytime, anywhere” for personalized in-store messaging using a mobile app.” InsideIndianaBusiness said.

It’s more than that though. Fuzic lets a business owner control the audio environment of their business and what their customers are listening to, like their own radio station. Through the Fuzic app and platform a business owner can decide what songs play, and what promotional announcements play. They can also sync up with voice talent to get promotional messages made within hours, not days.

If sales of a certain product are going a little slower than a business owner would like, they can turn to their own library within Fuzic and decide to go heavy on a “buy one get one free” promotion. The business owner becomes the dj making sure their customer base hears great, sales driving music and great messages. If it’s 85 degrees out and beautiful in May, a business owner may be trying to sell swim suits, a slew of today’s favorite slow jams isn’t going to inspire anyone to buy a bathing suit. With Fuzic the music and messaging power is in the customers hand, literally.

You can check out Fuzic here. 

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