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Don’t Drone Alone, Verifly Offers On Demand App Based Drone Flying Insurance

Need Insurance On The Fly For Your Next Drone Flight? Verifly Can Help

Verifly-top Don't Drone Alone, Verifly Offers On Demand App Based Drone Flying Insurance

Regulations surrounding unmanned drone flights are being tweaked, reworked and even made up as we go. One thing’s for sure though, if a drone causes some kind of damage, someone is going to be responsible. Like any other vehicle, manned or unmanned, drone insurance covers the drone, and the flyer for a specified amount of time in case there is any kind of damage or injury to a by-stander, property, etc while the drone is flying.

You may be the most experienced drone flyer in the world, but we all know that a sudden gust of wind or even a technical glitch can send the drone awry. Say you’re flying your drone and it accidentally flies into a lit sign, that sign may cost a lot more money than you think. If your drone flight is covered by an insurance company like Verifly the cost of that sign would be covered.  Verifly is an on-demand insurance company that covers recreational and commercial flights.

Verifly offers up to $5,000,000 of drone liability insurance in three simple steps. Prices start at $10 per hour and cover the flight of any drone up to 35lbs.  Instantly binding policies are available in increments of 1, 4 and 8 hours.

  • Select a flight area, see real time insurance prices
  • Instant approval in two taps
  • On the spot proof of insurance

Verifly is dedicated to the drone industry, they stay on the cusp of the ever-changing regulations and ways to provide better service to their companies. Verifly is the easiest way to bind insurance for drone flights. One of the great things about Verifly is that users can pick up and decide to fly their drone at 3:00pm on a Sunday afternoon and have insurance ready on the spot.

Everything is booked and purchased through the Verifly app that’s available in the iTunes app store and the Google Play store.

Find out more about Verifly here.