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A Business Is Only As Good As the Staff: Advice on Finding the Right Team

“A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.” This saying applies to running a business. In order for it to run like the well oiled machine you imagined it would be, you have to have the right group of people supporting you every step of the way. Your staff will greatly determine the level of your company’s success, and with that type of responsibility it is important for you as the owner to make your hiring decisions wisely.

Of course, there is no seamless way of hiring staff or else no one would ever need to fire an employee, but there are ways to decrease the chances of that happening. Through planning and preparation, you can locate the appropriate group of professionals to join your team.

Consider Your Resources

When it comes to hiring the right person for the job there are a plethora of resources you can utilize. Such resources can be very effective in helping you advertise your position, screening your applicants, and eventually hiring the best candidate for the job. Resources you might consider include:

Staffing Agencies – Let’s face it, when you’re the boss calling all the shots, you just don’t have the time to get it all done. As Extreme Technologies Inc points out, staffing agencies take care of the “heavy lifting” so that you as the CEO can handle the day to day tasks. Staffing agencies are efficient in helping to narrow down your candidate choices, making it easier for you to put together the perfect team.

Online Job Boards – Many organizations use more than one resource when trying to fill a position. Online job boards are often a great platform to advertise your need for assistance and receive applicant inquiries.

Job Fairs – Another option for finding suitable candidates is to attend local job fairs. Setting up a station at a local event allows you to get out and network with business professionals. It gives you the opportunity to meet candidates face to face. Conducting mini screenings or on the spot interviews can save you a lot of time in your search.

Of course there are other resources that might include traditional methods of advertising open positions such as through the local newspaper. You will need to determine which resource will be most beneficial to you based on the needs and financial means of your organization.

Things to Look For

A major part of finding the right employee is knowing what to look for. While there are some legal requirements such as age, work eligibility, and being an equal opportunity employer, you are largely responsible for determining what requirements, experience, and skill you want your staff to have. As you begin to screen applicants for potential hire, here are some things you should consider looking for:

Experience – The more experienced an individual is in conducting a certain line of work, the more beneficial it is for you. This saves you money on needing to train your staff on the basics as they should already be familiar. When reviewing your positions, determine how much experience (professional and educational) you’d prefer your candidate to have. While some positions may not require much experience (for instance a secretary or receptionist) other positions may require more (such as an accountant or IT professional).

Skills – What can the candidate bring to the table? When it comes to skills, this is the question you want to ask yourself. The more skilled an individual is the more of an asset they are to your company. What skills would give you an advantage in your industry? Though skills can be taught over time, you want to do your best to find a business professional who is already aware of how to carry out the basic responsibilities of the position.

Background Check – Though there is no way to know EVERYTHING about an employee before you hire them, there are ways in which you can avoid hiring someone who may be a liability to your company. A criminal background check can give you a full understanding of a person’s past so that you can determine whether they’re a good fit. For instance, someone who has recently been arrested for fraud charges is likely not going to make a good accountant.

References – Another way to determine if a candidate will be a good fit for your company would be to ask others. References are a great resource to learn more about the candidate’s work ethic which is imperative to putting together the right team.

Though the hiring process may require a few “trial and errors”, with any luck you’ll soon happen across the right professional for the job. Hiring new employees is never a process that you want to rush. By tapping into the right resources and incorporating the right screening strategies you can easily narrow down your list of options and make the choice that will benefit your business now and in the future. With the right team in place, you’ll start to feel the stress of being a business owner float away.