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AkioSurvey To Take On Survey Monkey With More Robust Offerings

Prague Startup Enters Survey Market With AkioSurvey

AkioSurvey-top AkioSurvey To Take On Survey Monkey With More Robust Offerings

SurveyMonkey has long been the goto tool to create quick and easy surveys. They are by far the front runner in the do it yourself online survey creation space.

Now, a new startup out of the Prague is going bananas trying to take part of the survey pie. Akiosurvey promises to be the “simple way to receive feedback”. Like SurveyMonkey they offer a simple, fast, and intuitive tool that’s available in multiple languages. While the company insists their surveys can be more thorough, they also say that they “contain just what you need and nothing excessive”.

Akiosurvey offers three tiers starting with a free tier. The free tier allows users to create 10 surveys with 10 questions each and have 200 responses per month. They also support 14 different types of survey questions. The standard package at $249 per year includes 200 surveys with up to 200 questions and 2000 responses for month. Their professional package is $399 per year and allows unlimited surveys, with unlimited responses.

We got a chance to talk with AkioSurvey co-founder Petr Galik about their company.

What does your startup do? is a complete and intuitive online survey tool. You can create anything from online market research surveys, employee satisfaction surveys to performance appraisal. Collected responses for your questionnaire can be analyzed online or exported to PDF, XLSX or CSV.

Who is your target user?

Market researcher, event planner, school principal, product development manager etc.

Why did you build you product? What problem are you taking on?

We wanted to build simple, intuitive and full featured survey platform.

How is your product different from what is currently available?

It is simple yet it contains all features required from survey platform.

Tell us your founding story. Was there an “ah ha” moment?

We are a group of friends interested in commercial software development. Our team was missing simple and at the same time complete survey platform so we decided to develop our own!

You can check out AkioSurvey here.