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Alabama Native Behind Chicago’s Uber For Beauty, Pretty Quick

Millennials are constantly running out of time. This is especially true of a younger generation of both male and female executives.

Cramming to get a presentation done or prepare a report often means an all night work session, a nutrigrain bar or smoothie for breakfast and back to the office. This leaves no time for the salon, and that means all the bells and whistles in the presentation won’t cover up a bad hair day.

What these busy people need is an Uber for the beauty salon and the barber shop, and they need it Pretty Quick.

That’s exactly what Alabama Native Coco Meer created after graduating from Princeton and moving to Chicago, reports Crains.

After graduating from Princeton Meers moved to Chicago to enroll at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business. It was at Booth where the entrepreneur came up with her incredible idea.

Crains reports that Meers realized the need for Pretty Quick.  Meers had been a Brand Manager for L’Oréal based in France. On a trip she had a flight delay and used it to get an eye brow wax that was sub par. That caused her to think about a platform that would let people know the spas or salons nearest them and who had immediate openings.

Pretty Quick solves a problem for the user but also the service provider helping stylists file up unbooked time slots.

Pretty Quick started off at the 1871 Incubator at Chicago’s Merchandise Mart. In the past year they’ve graduated out of that program, raised $1 million dollars and moved to their own space.

Meers told Crains that they have 500 salons in the platform in Chicago. They also have hundreds signing up in other major cities like Washington DC, Miami, Dallas, San Francisco and Boston.

Check out Pretty Quick here.