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America’s Fastest Growing Tech Conference Opens Next Week

New Orlean’s Collision Conference Kicks Off Tuesday

Collision-top America's Fastest Growing Tech Conference Opens Next Week

Chris Saaca, Rob Scoble, Alexis Ohanion, Jessica Alba, Walter Isaacson, those are all names you would expect to find at a coastal startup or tech conference. These folks are the kinds that headline TechCrunch Disrupt Events, Business Insider conferences and even LAUNCH. Next week, though, they’ll all be in New Orleans, not for Jazz Fest, but for Collision.

Collision is America’s fastest growing tech conference and it’s saddled between the two weekends of the all star Jazz Fest in New Orleans.

The conference brings in over 20,000 attendees, 3000+ CEOS, and 4500 companies from 110 countries. There are over 298 speakers and we can’t fairly list them because by most standards they are heavyweights.  Just the top of the list includes the recently retired Chris Saaca, Alexis Ohanion (founder Reddit), Jessica Alba (Founder The Honest Company), Wyclef Jean, actress Sophia Bush and many more.

Collision-2 America's Fastest Growing Tech Conference Opens Next Week

Collision isn’t just one conference it’s 14 conferences in one:

  • Talk Robot
  • SaaS Monster
  • Music Notes
  • Auto/Tech
  • Startup University
  • Panda Conference
  • Creatiff
  • Fullstk
  • Sunset Summit
  • Culture Summit
  • Pub Summit
  • Night Summit


Startups should make sure to be in attendance in the Big Easy next week. You’ll get an opportunity to see and network with plenty of other great startups. You’ll be able to participate in conference tracks that can further your business and strengthen your bottom line, oh and did we mention there will be thousands of investors?


Collision has been added to the must attend conference list to many of the country’s top tier startups. You’ll be able to get face time with startups that are disrupting every space from autonomous vehicles, to payments and VR/AR/AI. It’s the Big Easy so it’s a little more relaxed, and you can take in Jazz Fest on either end of your trip.

There are a handful of tickets available here. 

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