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Atlanta Startup Aims To Help Homeless With Access To Vital Records

Atlanta Startup MiniCity Aims To Help The Homeless With Access To Vital Records

minicity-top Atlanta Startup Aims To Help Homeless With Access To Vital Records

Homelessness is a real problem in major cities in the United States. Atlanta ranks 6th in the nation for the amount of homeless people on the streets. On any given night their are 10,000 men, women and children on the streets of Atlanta. The city ranks near the top for cities with homeless children in the country.

Mini City founders India Hayes and Anita Jones, created their company to help the homeless with access to vital records. One of the first steps in getting someone off the street is being able to establish their identity through state issued ID cards and social security cards. Without those, resources for the homeless are severely limited.

“As we know, many cities have difficulty offering aid or finding solutions that stand to contribute to the long-term improvement of the lives of homeless people. In this way, Atlanta is not alone, as other major cities around the nation find themselves in similar circumstances,”Anita Jones told Atlanta Daily World. “However, as Atlanta is fast-becoming the entrepreneurial and tech hub of the southeast, we believe that we are in a unique culture and community that will allow for successful solutions.”

This Thursday, Mini City is teaming up with the Salvation Army for a vital records: ID Fair. The event will be held from 8:30am-12:00pm. The event will be held at the Salvation Army’s Red Shield Services (469 Marietta Street, Atlanta). Mini City is hoping to fill the remaining spots in their 500 person pilot program.

“Our Vital Records and ID Fair with the Salvation Army is our introduction to the Atlanta community. We have space for a total of 500 people in our pilot, and we’re hoping to fill up our remaining spaces during the fair,” says Hayes.

“Mini City is a resource hub that provides identification and employment opportunities to the homeless citizens of our city. We are streamlining the admin processes for legal identification, vital records, and employment forms. This is cost saving solutions to cities and non-profits. We project an annual savings of nearly $2.2 million dollars for the city of Atlanta if only 30% of our pilot participants complete the program. Even better, we are building steps towards eradicating homelessness. ” the company said.

You can check out Mini City here

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