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Atlanta Startup Connects Kids To Sports Camps

Atlanta Startup SportsID Is Helping Parents Find Sports Camps

RyanMcneil-Cowboys-Getty Atlanta Startup Connects Kids To Sports Camps

Atlanta Serial Entrepreneur Ryan McNeil in his NFL days with the Dallas Cowboys(#47) (photo: Getty Images)

Just the other day we came across Cubspot a Boulder startup that’s connecting families with summer camps, classes and other programs for there kids. Rachael Shayne, a marketing executive and mom, realized how much time was wasted Googling summer camps, vetting them and making a list of potential programs.

Almost immediately after that article was posted we learned about Atlanta startup SportsID. Atlanta based serial entrepreneur, Ryan Mcneil launched a company that meshes the two things he’s most passionate about, sports and technology. SportsID will create data driven sports technology products. Their first product is CampID.

McNeil is no stranger to the world of sports. He played in the NFL for a decade with the Detroit Lions, St. Louis Rams, Cleveland Browns, Dallas Cowboys, San Diego Chargers and the Denver Broncos. Through his NFL career and beyond McNeil has been a strong advocate for helping professional sports athletes hold onto their wealth. He’s also been a supporter of organizations that help kids.

Through CampID he is helping parents sift through 20,000 sports camps programs to quickly and easily identify programs that their kids may be interested in. If your daughter is 12 years old and plays girls basketball, it doesn’t make sense to weed through a bunch of horseback riding and arts & crafts camps. Say your son is a rising football quarterback in the 8th grade, it wouldn’t make sense to match him to an intro to football camp. That’s CampID’s sweet spot.

“Camp ID is an innovative mobile and web solution that allows athletes, parents, coaches year-round access to camps for continual development and improvement. Essentially CampID allows you to search, find, register, compare, review and rate sports camps, all with a focus on youth sports and high school.” McNeil told hypepotamus.

McNeil is an active member of the Atlanta startup community. He’s actively raising SportsID at the Switchyard startup space where he often collaborates with other entrepreneurs. McNeil is one to give advice as much as soak advice up.

“One of the things that a lot of sports tech founders here in Atlanta said, if they could do it all over again, was look into their growth pattern and how they launched. They cautioned me and counseled me to have a controlled method of launching. We took that to heart.” he said of other area founders.

“ and share ideas, and best practices. Being an entrepreneur is an ongoing class, you’re always learning.”  McNeil says of working with other startups at the Switchyard.