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Atlas Recall Is The Search Engine For Everything In Your Digital Life

Collision-top Atlas Recall Is The Search Engine For Everything In Your Digital LifeCollision Preview: Seattle Startup Atlas Recall

Atlas-Recall-Top Atlas Recall Is The Search Engine For Everything In Your Digital Life

Jordan Ritter is back with another revolutionary software platform that could be a real game changer (and we hate saying game changer). If you think you’ve heard his name before, you probably have. Ritter was one of the earliest developers involved with Naptser. He moved with the company from Boston to California, when the music giant saw it’s first $250,000 injection. He even shared an apartment at the San Mateo Residence Inn with Sean Fanning. Ritter was also a cofounder of Cloudmark and Servio.

Ritter’s latest product, Atlas Recall is a “searchable photographic memory for our digital lives”. In the simplest form Atlas Recall allows you to search and recall anything you’ve seen in your digital life, across devices, platforms, desktops, and websites.

The question that Ritter gets the most is how is this different from Google or Spotlight. Well Google is restricted to the internet and Spotlight is restricted to the Mac or iOS device it lives on. Also, fundamentally, Ritter described search as two houses;

“The house of search is actually two houses,” Ritter told TechCrunch. “One is, find me something I’ve never seen. The other is, find me something I definitely know I’ve seen.”

Atlas Recall wants to become the authoritative one stop place for the latter.  The software indexes and makes searchable everything you encounter on your computer and mobile device.  The best part is it’s secure, encrypted and doesn’t need your laundry list of passwords.

Atlas Recall also takes geo-notes on your stuff. If you were on a trip to Orlando and remembered seeing something, simply type Orlando into Atlas and you’ll quickly have access to everything  you saw, digitally while you were there.  The explainer video shows the huge advantages for enterprise. If you’ve been working on a long project you can quickly recall everything on the project by keyword, whether it was notes from Slack, pictures on Google, a chat on Facebook or a word document. It’s all there in a flash.

The company is offering an open beta for Mac and their iOS companion app and they have $20M in the coffers thanks to an investment from Microsoft, Nathan Myhrvold and Aspect Ventures.

Atlas Recall is free but they plan on having paid versions with added extra functionality.

The company is on their way to Collision in New Orleans, the fastest growing tech conference in the world. There are still a handful of tickets available here. You can get started with Atlas Recall, now, right here. 

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