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Aussie Entrepreneurs May Have Perfected Friend Discovery

Australian Heyo Is Inspiring Human Connections

Heyo-Top Aussie Entrepreneurs May Have Perfected Friend Discovery

We’ve heard this pitch time and time again. A startup wants to create an app that connects people to finding new friends with similar interests. There are a lot of successful dating apps, but to date, no app has yet perfected the act of finding new friends.

An Australian startup called Heyo wants to help people meet fascinating people nearby. Heyo connects over similar interests, passions, hobbies and obsessions. They’ve simplified the process by eliminating profile pictures, dating and relationship status’.

“Heyo is for meaningful conversations with the people you are most likely to vibe with. Anything is possible when you meet someone new. Share a meaningful conversation, start an exciting project or go on an epic adventure.” the company said in an interview.

An app like Heyo is perfect for a variety of users. “Perfect for expats, international students, travellers or anyone moving to a new city. Find your ideal friends, travel buddies, collaborators, teammates, business partners, playmates, mentors, band members and more.” Emma Hoffman, Marketing co-founder at Heyo said.

“Meeting new people or making new friends as an adult can prove challenging, especially if you’ve recently relocated. Struggling to find a social scene that you connect with can lead to feelings of isolation or loneliness.” she added.

Heyo is another product to come out of Startup Weekend a global effort that offers 54 hackathons for creating new technology startups.

“Heyo was conceived by Denton Hockley and Merwyn Wijaya during a Startup Weekend in Ubud, Bali in 2015. Originally born out of a desire to connect with interesting people in airports during long layovers, it evolved into an app for anyone moving to a new city or looking to make new friends. Denton was joined by River, and more recently by Emma Hoffman.” the company said..

You can download Heyo for iPhone here. 

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